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IT’S ALL ABOUT BOOKS… Well, at least books have an important role of my life. They form a way to escape reality; for me to enter a different world. A place where everything is possible, only limited by the imagination of its writer. Like someone famous once said: ‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body‘.

I’ve been reading ever since I was three years old, devouring books by dozens at my hometown library. I continued reading all the way through high school, and later decided to study Spanish Language And Culture and read some more. A few years ago I started travelling, and that’s when the idea came up to start keeping track of the books I’ve read… Hence this blog It’s All About Books was born, with reviews of all the books I’ve been reading since November 2012.

Before I leave I would like to say that I’m always looking for new books to add to my TBR list, and I would love any recommendations you might think of. I’m trying to broaden my literary horizon, so I’m open to practically any literary genre…🙂

Teaser Tuesdays #117 – December 6th: This Savage Song


TEASER TUESDAYS is a weekly book meme originally featured at Books And A Beat. To participate, just open the book you are currently reading to a random page, and choose two ‘teaser’ sentences from somewhere on that page. (no spoilers!)

I know I’m a little late discovering Victoria (V.E.) Schwab‘s work, but she is easily one of my new favorite authors I discovered this year. I don’t know what took me so long picking up This Savage Song, but I do know that this is another example of how brilliant her work is. A Darker Shade Of Magic is still my absolute favorite, but this story is coming in a close second so far. Excellent plot and prose, interesting characters and worldbuilding, fast pace, just the right amount of creepy… What more to ask?


My teaser (30%):

“He’d bought himself a few more days. A few more tallies. And he’d delivered justice. He’d made the world a little better, or at least, prevented it from getting worse.”

What are you reading right now?

ARC (AUDIO) REVIEW: Secondhand Smoke – by M. Louis


Title: Secondhand Smoke
(Jake Brand, PI #2)
Author: M. Louis

Genre: Mystery, Thriller
First published: October 15th 2015
Publisher: Palasides Publishing
Finished reading: November 24th 2016
Pages: 322
Rating 3,5qqq

*** A copy of this audiobook was kindly provided to me by Mindbuck Media Book Publicity in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


It’s just about time I finally had my very first audiobook experience! I’ve tried my hands at audiobooks in the past, but could never actually get into the voices that narrated the stories. When Mindbuck Media Book Publicity offered me a copy of Secondhand Smoke in exchange for a review, I thought it would be the perfect excuse to give audiobooks another chance. This book by M. Louis is actually the second book of a PI series, but can also be read as a stand-alone without missing out on too many details. The story itself is action-packed, full of plot twists and the characters are without doubt interesting. I have to admit it took a little while to adjust to the whole idea of listening instead of reading the story myself, but I ended up enjoying the whole experience a lot better than I thought I would. Secondhand Smoke has a fast pace and is mainly focused on the action, making it almost sound as if you were listening to the script of an action movie. Sure, it could have done without the romance and wasn’t sure about the ending, but overall it is without doubt a very entertaining story. It also worked perfectly as an audiobook and I was able to multitask while listening to it. I’m not sure I will switch to audiobooks any time soon, but one or two every once in a while have become way more tempting. And I can definitely recommend Secondhand Smoke to any detective/thriller fan.


When a beautiful woman shows up at PI Jake Brand’s office pleading him to find her missing boyfriend, he would have never guessed the mess he would soon find himself in along with a few select persons close to him. Jake and his best friend and assistant Sara discover the couple is connected to a shady hacker, a corrupt copy and a few other potentially dangerous people. And as they try to find out what is really going on, it turns out they might actually already know too much… And their lives are in danger.


If you are looking for a fast-paced and action-packed detective thriller that reads/sounds like a proper action movie, Secondhand Smoke is definitely a great choice. The story is mainly focused on the actions instead of the characters and it shows in the many many action scenes. The character development isn’t that extensive, but they are easy to connect to in general. The ending was a bit corny, but I liked the title reference and overall I had a great time listening to this story. Recommended!

Month In Review: November 2016


I know I’m not the only one saying this, but where did the time go? I seriously can’t believe we’re down to the last month of 2016 already… 2017 still seems to sound so far away and foreign. And it still feels kind of weird I will be putting up the Christmas tree again in a few days. The weather doesn’t really help either haha. It has been between 30 and 35 ºC down here in Argentina for the last few weeks; it seems like summer came early this year. I’m not complaining since I hate cold weather, but it still doesn’t feel right having to celebrate Christmas in this heat. On a positive side, it does mean it’s perfect weather to go kayaking a lot.😀 Bookishly speaking, I was able to read more books than anticipated. I’m keeping my fingers crossed December will bring me the same, because I have TONS of books I want to read before this year is over.

  • Number of books read in November: 17 (+1 reread)
  • Total number of books read this year: 177 (+2 rereads)
  • Total number of pages read in November: 5.455
  • Total number of pages read this year: 56.691

I seemed to have had a lucky month with no ratings below 3 stars and no less than THREE new 5 star ratings. That sure doesn’t happen often!


5 STARS: Absolutely and entirely mind blowing! I suggest you to pick up a copy now. 
Dark Matter – by Blake Crouch // It Ends With Us – by Colleen Hoover // A Man Called Ove – by Fredrik Backman // Six Of Crows – by Leigh Bardugo (REREAD)


4.5 STARS: This one was almost perfect. Surely fantastic! 
When Breath Becomes Air – by Paul Kalanithi


4 STARS: Wow, this was really good. Close to amazing!
Lemon Sting – by Collin Henderson // The Power – by Naomi Alderman // Homegoing – by Yaa Gyasi // The Butterfly Garden – by Dot Hutchison // Crooked Kingdom – by Leigh Bardugo


3.5 STARS: Great read. Really entertaining!
The Unexpected Everything – by Morgan Matson // No Excuses Detox – by Megan Gilmore // Furthermore – by Tahereh Mafi // While You Were Sleeping – by Kathryn Croft // Secondhand Smoke – by M. Louis // His Kidnapper’s Shoes – by Maggie James


3 STARS: It was a nice read, but not fantastic. 
Before You Leap – by Keith Houghton // The Girls Next Door – by Mel Sherratt

In 2016 I initially decided to join in total four yearly challenges. I’ve decided to do a second update to my Goodreads Reading Challenge, increasing the number to the exact amount of books I was able to read in 2015. There aren’t too many books missing, so I should be able to finish it easily before the end of this year. I have also managed to finish the When Are You Reading? challenge!!😀😀 Since the host doesn’t seem to be updating the Bookish Bingo mystery tasks, I probably won’t be completing that one before the end of the year though… And the Reading Through The Centuries challenge is going to be a squeeze, although I do have a few classics lined up to try and finish this challenge on time.


As for my other blogging goals…I managed to finish my third reread this month, so I was able to cross that one of the list. The classics goal is practically done with all the classics I will be reading next month, but I’m not sure about the other goals. I might be able to finish the last two series, but the TBR pile goal is pretty hopeless haha. I don’t think I will be able to read three Spanish books either with all the other titles I’ve lined up… And I’ve been pretty hopeless at running as well. Shame on me; I really have to kick myself in the butt and focus on my running again!


  • Read at least 5 classics (rereads don’t count): 4/5
  • Complete at least 5 series (rereads don’t count): 3/5 (the murder complex/never never/veronica mars)
  • Reread at least 3 books (red queen, harry potter y la piedra filosofal,six of crows)
  • Bring my physical TBR pile below 200 books: 290/200
  • Read at least one book over 800 pages
  • Read at least 5 books in Spanish: 2/5
  • Join at least 5 challenges during the year
  • Finish older reviews that haven’t been posted yet
  • Update older reviews to new format
  • Reach 5km running! 2300m/5000m

Happy December and Happy Reading!

Stacking The Shelves #5 – December 3rd


Stacking The Shelves is hosted at Tynga’s Reviews and is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

# Netgalley ARC #


# ARC sent by author #


I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

ARC REVIEW: While You Were Sleeping – by Kathryn Croft


Title: While You Were Sleeping
Author: Kathryn Croft

Genre: Thriller, Mystery
First published: November 16th 2016
Publisher: Bookouture
Finished reading: November 23rd 2016
Pages: 296
Rating 3,5qqq

“Lies and secrets are only ticking time bombs, waiting for the moment they can wreak the most havoc.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Bookouture in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ***


I always enjoy a good thriller and I had heard great things about While You Were Sleeping and Kathryn Croft‘s work in general, so it was an easy choice. And I agree the story had without doubt an interesting premise and a lot of potential, but I don’t think it actually lived up to my expectations. I’m not saying it’s a bad read and fans of the genre will probably enjoy reading this psychological thriller. While You Were Sleeping started out strong and the mystery around Lee’s death is without doubt intriguing. That said, I did find part of the plot and plot twists either too farfetched or quite predictable. It made me enjoy the story less than I was anticipating, and the unlikeable characters didn’t really help either. Another thing that slightly bothered me was the unnecessary romance. I understand it was probably done to add a little suspense and more suspects to the case, but I found it distracting instead. Predictable plot twists or not, the ending was definitely a surprise. I’m not sure I was happy with it though… But I guess anyone who enjoys reading psychological thrillers will find While You Were Sleeping an entertaining read anyway. It does have a fast pace!


Tara Logan has quite an ordinary life with her husband Noah and their two children Rosie and Spencer. That all changes when one morning Tara wakes up in her neigbor Lee’s bed with no memory of how she got there or what happened the night before… The worst part: he has been stabbed to death and there is blood all over the place. Tara panics and flees the scene. She is convinced she didn’t kill Lee, and decides to stay silent fearing her family will be torn apart if the truth comes out. But things are getting out of control anyway, and it seems like the truth might hit closer home than she thinks…


While You Were Sleeping had a very promising start and in general it is without doubt a fast-paced and entertaining psychological thriller. I had a few minor problems with it, especially with the unlikeable characters, some of the plot twists and the unnecessary romance, but that doesn’t take away the case is quite interesting. Not perfect, but without doubt an entertaining read with a surprising ending.

Friday Finds #110 – December 2nd


FRIDAY FINDS showcases the most interesting books I’ve encountered during the last week and have added to my neverending TBR list on Goodreads. Below a selection of my newest additions; click on the book descriptions to go to its Goodreads page! 😀

My finds:


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BOOK REVIEW: A Man Called Ove – by Fredrik Backman


Title: A Man Called Ove
Author: Fredrik Backman

Genre: Fiction, Humor, Contemporary
First published: August 27th 2012
Publisher: Atria Books
Finished reading: November 22nd 2016
Pages: 337
(Originally written in Swedish: “En man som heter Ove”)
Rating 5qqq

“We always think there’s enough time to do things with other people. Time to say things to them. And then something happens and then we stand there holding on to words like ‘if’.”


There has been a lot of hype around Fredrik Backman‘s work this year, and I thought it was about time to find out just exactly what everybody was raving about. And boy do I regret not having picked up my copy of A Man Called Ove earlier! This originally Swedish book was in one word BRILLIANT. I fell in love with both the prose and main character from the very first page and it’s been a while since a book has been able to make me laugh and cry at the same time. Ove has managed to win over my heart, grumpiness and all, and he is hands down one of my new favorite characters. He really reminded me of Carl, the grumpy old man from the movie Up! And Ove’s character is just as endearing in his own grumpy way. Apart from the prose itself and the fabulous character, Fredrik Backman is also able to combine heartbreaking and sensitive topics with a humor that is right up my alley. The humor might not be for everyone, but even so I would suggest trying A Man Called Ove if you haven’t already. It’s without doubt one of my favorite reads this year!


Ove is a grumpy man who finds his solitary world turned upside down when a young family moves in next door. He is the kind of man with strict routines and a short fuse. People around him call him ‘the bitter neighbor from hell’, but is he really bitter just because he doesn’t seem friendly all the time? Behind his cranky exterior is a story and a sadness that will slowly be revealed as random things start happening when the family next door moves in.


This is not the first time I have been blown away by a Swedish book, and A Man Called Ove has definitely been added to my list of all time favorites. I’m having a hard time writing a coherent review, but what I can say is that I strongly suggest reading this story. It’s just that good! I’m aware the humor I myself loved might be a turn off for some, but even so I would say it is worth the try. I will be looking forward to read his other books soon.