Title: Agent 6
(Leo Demidov Trilogy #3)
Author: Tom Rob Smith
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense
First published: 2011
Finished reading: November 23rd 2012
Pages: 543
Rating 2,5


Agent 6 is the third and last book in the Leo Demidov trilogy. The fact that I haven’t read the first two books might work against me and the lower rating I had to give this book… In general it was an ok read, but I felt something was missing to turn it into something great. There are some tense moments in Agent 6, but in general there is not a lot of suspense. And then were are not even talking about the ending, which was not satisfactory at all, even without having read the first two parts Child 44 and The Secret Speech. In short I wouldn’t suggest it. I still might read Child 44 though, since I’ve heard great things about it.


We start reading about Leo Demidov in the past, and learn how Leo and his wife Raise first met and fell in love. Set in the 1950s, it is a story about love at first sight and rejection by Raisa. But they end up together anyway… Leo in the mean time is a member of the Russian secret police and in training to interpretate secret messages in diaries. In that same first part we get introduced to a black American singer Jesse Austin, who will play a big part in the tragedy of the Peace Tour in 1965. The two plots are brought together by a concert the singer gives in Russia (Jesse Austin is a Communist).

In 1965 he is no longer a secret agent. His wife Raisa and daughters Zoya and Elena travel to New York to be part of a Peace Tour, but he is forbidden to travel along with his family. Leo suspects something, but he cannot protect them as he is on the other side of the world. They end up being caught up in a conspiracy which ends in a tragedy, but Leo was never allowed by the Soviet government to investigate what really happened. But he never ceases to search for justice and has to face his memories and ghosts of the past…

Leo never stops his quest for justice, and we follow him to 1980. He is now an adviser in Afghanistan, a country controlled by the Soviet Union. He cannot stand facing his feelings, so he drowns them in opium. He has a new trainee, a young Afghan girl who is enthusiastic about the new world the Soviets have to offer. But he knows from experience that that enthusiasm will soon change as she realizes what is really going on.


Like I said before, I just felt like something was missing while reading Agent 6. I couldn’t get into the story and the end definitely wasn’t satisfactory. I wish I would have enjoyed this final book of the Leo Demidov trilogy since I’ve heard great things about the previous books… But I didn’t, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend reading it unless you’ve read the first two book and don’t like to leave trilogies unfinished.