Title: Cross
(Alex Cross Series #12)
Author: James Patterson
First published: 2006
Finished reading: January 11th 2013
Pages: 393

Rating 2,5


I admit I normally enjoy reading novels written by James Patterson, but unfortunately I’m becoming tired of the Alex Cross series. It almost seems like he doesn’t put any effort into the series anymore, and things tend to become repetitive. It still is a fast read and I guess it does the job of delivering a few hours of easy entertainment. I will probably continue reading this series whenever I need a quick and easy read, but I’ll cross my fingers that James Patterson wakes up and starts writing like before again… I enjoyed his earlier work way better.


Alex Cross left the FBI to work as a psychologist again. He still isn’t over his wife Maria’s death and wants vengeance, but he tries to get on with his life anyway. Then Cross’s former parter John Sampson asks for help in an investigation. A serial rapist is on the loose, using terrifying photos to threaten his victims. In short he tells them that if they talk to someone about what happened, they end up like those on the pictures: in a horrible death. The women refuse to testify and Cross and Sampson have a difficult job to try and catch the rapist. Things become interesting when they find a connection to Maria’s death. Will Alex Cross finally gets the vengeance he so desperately is searching for?


Like I said before, if you aren’t looking for the next literary masterpiece and need a few hours of easy entertaining, Cross and the Alex Cross series is a good choice for you. It’s not the best read out there, but it’s a quick one that you can easily finish in one afternoon. Maybe not the best of James Patterson‘s work, but acceptable.