Title: Paragon Walk
(Charlotte & Thomas Pitt Series #3)
Author: Anne Perry
Genre: Mystery, Historical Fiction, Crime
First published: 1981
Finished reading: June 3rd 2013
Pages: 248

Rating 1,5


Paragon Walk is apparently the third book in the Charlotte & Thomas Pitt series set in Victorian London. I couldn’t say I enjoyed this novel by Anne Perry, and I don’t think it’s because I haven’t read the first two books in the series. For me the plot and the murder mystery itself lacked attention. It seemed like there were too many characters involved, and too much focus on the norms of high class society. I understand Perry wanted to show how life was in this part of Victorian London. But still, the whole murder investigation is being pushed back into a corner. And poor inspector Pitt is pushed back with it. The end was even worse: a totally unexpected murderer and then suddenly no more pages left. No explication, just blank pages… I’m sorry to say this one was definitely not satisfying.


It all starts when a young woman is raped and murdered in one of the posh streets of London called Paragon Walk. Inspector Thomas Pitt is send to solve the murder, but he soon finds out that finding out who did it will be complicated. The people of the Paragon Walk are high society and therefore prefer to ‘ignore’ the crime rather than to admit it happened. They actually prefer to say the young girl probably provoked the rape with her unclassy behavior… Thomas Pitt is he main inspector trying to solve the mystery. He stands in the shadow of his wife Charlotte, who once formed part of the high society and still has her sister Emily living in the Paragon Walk. Charlotte enters the high class environment again in search of the murderer… And is able to get access to places her husband cannot go.


Paragon Walk was definitely not a satisfying read… I’m only happy that I didn’t waste any money on buying a copy of it. The whole high society scene takes away from the original murder investigation and the characters itself are highly annoying. Them saying the young girl probably provoked the rape with her unclassy behavior alone already made the hairs in my neck rise and shake my head. Seriously? Not a series I would recommend.