Title: Plunder Of The Sun
(Al Colby Series #2)
Author: David Dodge
First published: 1949
Finished reading: October 27th 2013
Pages: 223

Rating 3,5


I picked up a copy of Plunder In The Sun mostly because I was spending my vacation in Peru and since the story is partly set in this country it sounded like the perfect time to read this one. It’s the second book of the Al Colby series and even though I haven’t read the first one, it was still easy to follow the story. This novel by David Dodge uses a perfect combination of crime, adventure, betrayal and romance and is a very entertaining vacation read indeed. It has a fast pace that makes it easy to read and I would definitely recommended to those who enjoy a good adventure story about treasure hunts, Incas and Latin America in general.


What starts as a simple smuggling job – taking a package from Chile to Peru – ends up to be a chase for Inca gold. Our main character Al Colby is offered the job by an old art and antiquities dealer, and he suspects he’s holding some kind of ancient artifact. When they start their journey by steamer, Colby soon discovers that someone else also wants the package, badly enough to kill. And when the old man dies, the hunt for the truth starts… As for the hunt for the Inca gold. With at least three different parties after the gold, it’s not easy for Colby. He soon finds out that people can’t be trusted and often aren’t what they seem to be.


Plunder Of The Sun might not be the perfect read, but it is without doubt an entertaining one. Being in Peru when I read this novel is a huge bonus of course as part of the treasure hunt takes place in the same country. This novel is easy to read and full of action; perfect for a vacation or just a few hours of easy entertaining and imagining yourself on a treasure hunt along with the main character…