running the amazon

Title: Running the Amazon
Author: Joe Kane
First published: June 17th 1989
Finished reading: November 29th 2013
Pages: 379
(Read in Spanish: ´El Descenso De Las Amazonas´)

Joe Kane tells his own personal account of the first expedition to navigate the entire river Amazon, the world´s longest river (more or less 6.300 km). Together with eight men and a woman, they try to find the beginning of the river, situated in the cold mountains of southern Peru, in the Colca Canyon. From there part of the group navigates in kayaks, and others go down by foot, since the first part is too dangerous to navigate by anything bigger. Later they join the kayaks in a raft. They encounter various problems and dangers, and only four of them were able to reach their goal: the Atlantic Ocean. A true story and amazing adventure for sure.