Title: The Children Of Men
Author: P.D. James
Genre: Mystery, Dystopia, Science Fiction
First published: 1992
Finished reading: January 31st 2014
Pages: 241

Rating 3

“Without the hope of posterity, for our race if not for ourselves, without the assurance that we being dead yet live, all pleasures of the mind and senses sometimes seem to me no more than pathetic and crumbling defences shored up against our ruin.”


In The Children Of Men, P.D. James introduces us to an infertil world that is slowly coming to an end… A world without hope. It is set in the year 2021, and no babies have been born since the year of Omega in 1995. The whole world is infertil and its inhabitants only become older and older to the point that the world population shrinks drastically to about 40 million. Whole villages disappear and slowly everything is starting to show signs of decay. I loved the imagination James used to put together this book, although the first part was a bit slow. The whole intent of escape made the book that much more interesting and the characters really come to life during the second part. All in all a nice read set in a dystopian infertil world that focuses on the question what will happen when the human race is on the border of extinction.


Theo Faron is a history professor who only has his job left to live for, when one of his students approaches him. Julian forms part of a small group seeking to rebel against the government, and she will play an essential role in the rest of the story. Theo knows the Warden of England Xan personally, since it is his nephew. Under the spell of Julian, he talks to Xan and tries to convince him to change his politics. Unfortunately it is all in vain. Our history professor then escapes reality by traveling around Europe, and when he comes back after six months a surprise is waiting for him… After a few weeks the group, Five Fishes, send him a cry for help: Julian needs him. He reluctantly agrees but soon comes under her spell. They were hiding a enormous secret that will change everything: in a world where infertility is a norm, Julian has managed to get pregnant again. Together with Theo, the Five Fishes try to get away from the government and keep Julian hidden away safely until the baby is born…


This dystopian novel is not one of the best ones out there, but it is still an interesting read. It makes you reflect as a reader what would happen if the world actually would become infertil… Something that will mostly likely mean the end of the human race. In short, it’s a nice and relatively short read as long as you don’t set your expectations too high.