Title: Carrie
Author: Stephen King
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Paranormal
First published: April 5th 1974
Finished reading: February 1st 2014
Pages: 253
Rating 3,5

“Sorry is the Kool-Aid of human emotions. It’s what you say when you spill a cup of coffee or throw a gutter ball when you’re bowling with the girls in the league. True sorrow is as rare as true love.”


The other day I finally got my hands on a few Stephen King novels…  And without knowing I chose Carrie, his first novel, as the first one on my list. Having read work of Stephen King in the past, I recognized Carrie as still being somewhat raw, unpolished. But without doubt this novel is shocking. More than just a horror story, it can also be called rather tragic. I almost felt sorry for Carrie and her unfortunate life. Stephen King was able to really make the characters come alive in this first published novel… He mixed parts of newspaper reports, scientific reports and personal journals with various point of views to make us believe the world he created is real.


Carrie tells us the story of an unfortunate teenage girl named Carrie that has telekinetic powers. Set in Chamberlain, the poor girl suffers from bullying both at school and at home. Her mother is to be considered nearly crazy and over religious, and it appears she doesn’t let her daughter even breathe freely . At high school the teenagers are simply cruel, and it is a miracle she didn’t completely loose it before. The famous shower scene, where Carrie at the age of sixteen gets her first period, is appalling. It’s incredible someone can treat such a hopeless girl that way. You can see it coming that at some point the ‘bomb’ inside Carrie will explode, especially after she refinds and strenghtens her telekinetic powers. A disaster waiting to happen in Chamberlain…


The most important scene, the prom night, comes surprisingly early in the book. When they were setting up the buckets of blood above the thrones I was just hoping something would happen to prevent disaster. But there was no escape, and Carrie suffers her ultimate and last humiliation. The rest of the book explains what happened in the aftermath. And I must say I felt sad inside when they finally found Carrie, even though she set half the town on fire and killed hundreds. Don’t read if you don’t like blood. Otherwise, a must read for both Stephen King fans and horror lovers.