Title: I Heard That Song Before
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
First published: April 3rd 2007
Finished reading: February 28th 2014
Pages: 384
Rating 2,5


Mary Higgins Clark isn’t one of my preferred authors even though she is writing novels belonging to the thriller genre I very much enjoy in general. I wasn’t sure I wanted to read this one, but since I wasn’t in the mood to read something heavy, I started this novel anyway. I Heard That Song Before was ok. It had a nice plot twist in the end, but for me too much emphasis was put on the relationship between Kay and Peter, without elaborating the beginning of this very sudden romance. I understand both are key characters, but still it slowed down the story considerately. And the most important part, the explaining of the sudden romance, was too short and made the rest of the story less believable. All in all after reading I Heard That Song Before I’m still not a Mary Higgins Clark fan.


The story is about a very wealthy family, the Carringtons, whose estate has suffered from various tragic events, all related to the young heir Peter Carrington. When he was around twenty the girl he was dating, Susan Althorp, suddenly disappeared, and he was the ‘person of interest’ in the case. Also, the landscaper and father of Kay Lansing disappeared a few weeks later and rumors said he commited suicide. A few years later Carrington’s then seven months pregnant wife Grace fell into the pool and drowned… And again all eyes are on Peter. They never found sufficient evidence to prove anything, but during twenty years that followed the disappearance of Susan the authorities never left Peter alone.

Then the dying mother of Susan asks a private investigation to re-open the case so she can find some closure on the disappearance of her daughter before she passes away. Meanwhile, the daughter of the landscaper, Kay Lansing, falls hopelessly in love with Peter Carrington and they rush into a marriage after only five weeks. Soon after the honeymoon new evidence relating to the old cases shows up, and Susans body is discovered at the Carrington estate. Peter gets accused of the murder and they take him away. Kay believes in his innocence and tries to find out the truth, along with the same private investigator Susans mother hired. And they find out the Carrington family has been hiding various dark secrets as well as they have been protecting each other… Peter might not be guilty afterall, and his wife Kay may be in danger.


Mary Higgins Clark managed to put in a nice plot twist in the end, which made it worthwhile finishing the novel. I guess I have to admit that for me this novel was nothing special, but I suppose it is good enough for a rainy or cold weekend without anything to do.