BOOK REVIEW: The Mist – by Stephen King


Title: The Mist
Author: Stephen King
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction
First published: 1980
Finished reading: March 3rd 2014
Pages: 230

Rating 3

“Something in the fog!” he screamed, and Billy shrank against me-whether because of the man’s bloody nose or what he was saying, I don’t know. “Something in the fog took John Lee! Something-” He staggered back against a display of lawn food stacked by the window and sat down there.”Something in the fog took John Lee and I heard him screaming!”


I’m not sure what to think of this one. Normally I enjoy his work, but I felt The Mist was too short, and too many important details were missing. I know Stephen King ment it to be short, but still… It wasn’t completely satisfying. Sure, the overall plot was interesting as well as the various creatures King incorporated into the story. I just wish he would have made it into a larger and more complete novel…


The Mist is about how people of a small town react to a postapocalyptic crisis situation. One day, a big storm rages over the lake and brings with it a terrible mist. The storm ends suddenly, but the mist doesn’t go away. In fact it only seems to advance more… The people try to ignore the mist, and David leaves his wife at home while he goes to town with his son to shop for groceries. Then all hell breaks loose and the mist turns out to be murderous. A whole bunch of people are stuck inside the supermarket, trapped by the mist and no way of getting out alive…

There are two groups within the supermarket: those who want to find a way out, and those who believe the mist is a sign of Judgement Day. The second group grows larger by the day, especially after the ‘things’ in the mist start to claim victims… All kinds of creatures run loose out there, and more during the night than during the day. Various times small groups try to leave the supermarket, with more deaths as a consequence. But David is determined to save his son from both the creatures of the mist and the people inside the supermarket who now believe human sacrifice is the only answer… Together with a few others he wants to try and get to the car on the parking lot, hoping that inside they will be safe. But when they make it, where will they try to escape to?


It’s short and definitely intriguing, so if you don’t mind that some important details are missing, you will enjoy it. Ignore the mentioning of numerous brand names and enjoy the creepy creatures that are luring within the mist… And be ready to wonder how the story ends after the open ending Stephen King leaves us with.

6 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: The Mist – by Stephen King

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  2. I’ve hardly read any King, and the only one I’ve enjoyed is Pet Semetary. This sounds like a great one to give him another go with. Thanks!


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