Title: Dead Run
Author: Erica Spindler
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime
First published: May 28th 2002
Finished reading: April 14th 2014
Pages: 466

Rating 3


Dean Run is in many ways just another of those crime thrillers that doesn’t really stand out from the rest. A lot of cliches are used in describing both characters and the plot, which was kind of a turn off. But although I normally detest stories with too many cliches, in this case I will forgive Erica Spindler because of the plot twists. It is easy to read and would serve perfectly on a rainy night with a cup of hot chocolate… Or on vacation for that matter.


It all starts when Liz decides to move to Key West to find out what happened to her sister Rachel. Rachel, the local pastor of Key West, had disappeared mysteriously, but not before warning her sister that she uncovered something and that she was in trouble. Everybody seems to believe that Rachel just ran off, but Liz knows something happened to her sister. Soon after she arrives at Key West, people began showing up dead. The women brutally murdered and showing signs of a ritualistic murder similar to the style of the “New Testament” serial killer now on death row. Together with an ex-cop Rick, who is still friends with the local police, they try to reveal the truth, but nobody seems to believe them… At a point even Rick doesn’t believe the conspiracy theories Liz believes in anymore and she is left alone to uncover some hidious secrets.There is something evil on the loose, and will there be somebody to stop it?


I must say the final chapters made me change my opinion about this thriller by Erica Spindler. Although I still find Dead Run rather cliche for various reasons and the relationship between characters like Liz and Rick too obvious and on the verge of boring, I must say the end surprised me. Spindler was able to use various twists in her story, and I wouldn’t have guessed the identity of the killer until the very last.