Friday Finds #3 – June 27th


Originally featured at Should Be Reading FRIDAY FINDS showcases the most interesting books I’ve encountered this week and added to my readinglist. I’m an ‘adding junkie’ and my TBR list at Goodreads is already exploding, but I still love to find new potential treasures. This week I was cursed with reaaaally slow internet, so I couldn’t visit as many blogs as I would have wanted… But I was able to find some new interesting books anyway; they are listed below. And what about you? Any interesting new books you’ve found lately?

My finds:


5 thoughts on “Friday Finds #3 – June 27th

    • I don’t have a clear reading goal other than that I’m trying to broaden my literary horizon and therefore try to read books and genres I normally wouldn’t go for… Reading has been one of my favorite pastimes ever since I was little. I read both to enjoy myself and to learn something new; I like both fiction and non fiction stories and never stick to just one genre. I guess I like the surprise of reading something new/unknown. 🙂


    • Great to know! 😀 I will probably try to get a copy soon so I can start the series… I’ve heard a lot of crear things about In The Woods already.


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