The Broke And The Bookish presents us every week a new top ten with a different theme. This weeks it’s all about favorite movies and/or TV shows! Since it’s too hard for me to just choose ten favorite movies, I will only give a list of my ten favorite TV shows. Which was quite hard anyway, since there are so many great TV shows out there…


1. Game Of Thrones: I actually started reading the books before watching this show… I absolutely love the show though! It’s beautifully done and with only ten episodes per season, each episode stays special. It’s a long wait for each season though.
2. True Blood: I have to admit I haven’t seen the later seasons, but the first few were really good. I’ve only read one book of the Sookie Stackhouse series so far though.
3. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: I remember this being my favorite series when I was younger, although I stopped watching when Grissom left CSI. It just wasn’t the same without him.


4. The Simpsons: Gotta love this crazy family! I’m a cartoon addict and still watch The Simpsons almost every day, although I have to admit it’s mostly because there isn’t much else on the TV anyway.
5. House: House. Is. A. Genius. I love his sarcasm, his moodiness, his comments…
6. Rome: I’m a history fan and Rome is just Good. With a capital.


7. Chuck: If you want to laugh, try watching Chuck. It’s hilarious, although it’s mostly the first season that’s really good.
8. LA Ink: I love tattoos, and Kat Von D is just REALLY good with a needle. I love hearing about the stories behind the tattoos too.
9. Lost: The first seasons were great, but I didn’t enjoy the last few as much… Still a great show.
10. 24: For all those nights I just want to see some action…