tbrcupI found this great idea of creating a TBR jar some time ago at littleonionwrites. It’s basically any cup, jar or whatever you can find that isn’t currently in use. Then write down the names of the books on your TBR pile on small papers and put them inside. Now you have your very own TBR jar! Easy peasy…

I made mine with an old mushroom jar I had cleaned previously and stored for future use. I then used foam and isolation tape to make it blend in with the rest of my interior decoration. (You notice I love black and white?) It worked out great because I can now leave the jar in plain sight and nobody will notice! I also folded the papers a few times so they don’t take up a lot of space, plus that way it’s easier take them out separated…

Once you’re done making yours, just take out a new paper every time you want to start reading a new book… And try not to cheat. 😉 It sure gives you some surprises when reading!


17 thoughts on “TBR Jar

    • It’s definitely hard not to cheat sometimes, especially with the heavier themed books on the TBR list. But I like the randomness of it and I love surprises! 😉


    • Sometimes it’s just really hard to choose the next read, and the TBR cup is just a perfect solution for those moments. 😉 That, or reading long series like you said. 🙂


      • So I took the basic idea, but I changed things up a little. I dropped everything into an Excel spreadsheet, sectioned by genre, and will use the Random Number Generator function. That gives me as random a read as Le Cup, and I also get to control whatever genre I feel like, IF I’m in the mood for something randomly specific 😀


      • That’s actually a great idea! It makes it way easier to add new titles and choosing reads by genre. 🙂


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