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liebster-awardLast week I was more than pleasantly surprised when I found out I was nominated for the Liebster Award by wonderful Elli at Wortmagieblog! Thank you again for nominating me and forgive me for my late reply; it took me some time translating everything to English….

The rules:

  1. Write a post featuring this award, add the award logo and make sure you don’t forget to thank the person who gave you the award. 🙂
  2. Answer the 10 questions.
  3. Make up your own 10 questions for others to answer.
  4. Tag and nominate 10 amazing bloggers that have under 200 followers. (Or under 1000 followers if you prefer.)
  5. Let those bloggers know that they have been nominated for the Liebster Award!


My answers to Elli’s questions:

1. What was your first concert?
To be honest I can’t really remember, but I’m almost sure it is some Dutch artist my parents took me to when I was little.

2. Have you been to an opera or ballet show? If you did, which one?
I don’t think I’ve ever been to an opera, but does Cirque Du Soleil count for a ballet show? I’ve also seen a Chinese dance show that I don’t remember the name of about two years ago.

3. Do you read the newspaper daily? (Online version also counts)
I don’t read newspapers daily, but I like to read them from time to time to keep informed about what is going on in the world. I’m just not organized enough to remember to do it every day…

4. What classics have you always wanted to read, but until now always pushed down your readinglist?
That’s probably anything Charles Dickens or any titles involving romance… I’m just not the romance kind of girl.

5. Name three items that you carry with you every day (excluding keys, wallet and phone)!
That would be lip balm, my glasses and either chewing gum or sweets (having low blood pressure sucks!).

6. Is there a poem you have liked for years? If there is, which one?
I’ve been a Victoriano Cremer fan ever since I wrote my thesis about poetry after the Spanish Civil War, and a poem called Los Caminos Del Amor is one of my favorites.

7. If you could choose a supernatural ability, which one would you choose?
I would definitely choose either flying or teleporting. That way I can travel the world without having to pay for expensive train/bus/flight tickets.

8. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf? Why?
Definitely vampire. I would prefer being undead all the time and not having to go through all those painful werewolf transformations. Plus, vampires can change into bats and fly, which is pretty cool.

9. Which book do you read over and over again?
I haven’t re-read a book in a long time, but the last series I’ve read various times are The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Brave New World is also on the re-read list.

10. With which famous deceased person would you like to go for a drink?
Hmm that is a very difficult one, especially because I think fame is just superficial and I don’t really care about the special status. It would probably be someone that made a big impact on history; like Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King for example. 


I had some hard time thinking of my own questions, but here they are:

1.  Which do you prefer: an e-book or an actual book?
2.  What would be your dream travel destination?
3.  What is your favorite music?
4.  If you could have unlimited access to money, where in the world would you live?
5.  What is your biggest fear?
6.  If one of the three senses had to be taken away, which would you choose: sight, speech or hearing? Why?
7.  What would you say is your best quality?
8.  What is your favorite food when reading?
9.  I you could choose in which time you could live, would you choose the past, present or future? Why?
10.  Are you right or left handed?


Ok, so it was REALLY hard to nominate just 10 blogs for the Liebster Award, especially with so many amazing blogs and bloggers out there. If I nominated you below, I think you and your blog are pretty awesome! But it doesn’t mean your blog is any less amazing if I couldn’t nominate you… So on with the list:

Please don’t feel obligated to participate if you don’t want to! I just wanted to share the book love… I will be looking forward to the answers of those who decide to participate. 😀 And Elli, thanks again for nominating me! Please forgive me for any bad German translation. 😉

28 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Teleporting, what an amazing choice! I definitely agree with you, that would be my choice as well. But, as someone pointed out, maybe you would grow tired of traveling and it would no longer be a luxury? Just like most things in life; once you have it you want the next best thing.

    Also, thanks so much for nominating me! I’m really honored, but I’ve already done just last month 🙂


    • It is true that we always want what we cannot have… Although with so many great places to visit on earth it will take a while to grow tired of traveling. 😉
      And don’t worry about not answering the questions! I will check out the post you wrote last month. 🙂


  2. I really hope that your parents took you to Andre Rieu. I LOVE him. And I know how that makes me sound. He always has those concerts on PBS and I’ve always wanted to see him but he doesn’t come to these parts very often!

    Also, excellent point about vampires vs werewolves. Painful transformation? No thanks.


    • I have seen various concerts of him, but unfortunately none of them live. It’s more likely they took me to see either Guus Meeuwis or a percussion show called Slagerij Van Kampen… (The last one is pretty awesome and I went to various shows.)


  3. You’re welcome, it was a pleasure. 🙂
    Actually, your German translation is pretty good, you totally got the sense of my questions. As I said, there was no deadline, so it doesn’t matter how much time it took because the result is fully satisfying! 😉
    I think you’re the first one who chose to rather be a vampire than a werewolf, everyone else said that they don’t want to be immortal. It’s pretty interesting that you’re the only one who doesn’t care about this because of the advantages. I like it. 🙂


    • Thanks again, and I’m glad my translation isn’t that terrible. 😀 And being immortal could be very boring after a century or two, but being a werewolf just sounds painful hehe. Plus you cannot control your own actions, and as a vampire you are at least aware of what you are doing. 😉


  4. Great answers! I actually had to laugh really hard at the part with that expensive ticket thing. I mean I can TOTALLY relate to that problem! Your answer actually makes me reconsider my own answer again 😀
    Btw, do you mind if I stole your translation of the questions?


  5. Thank you so much for the nomination, Yvo – I feel very honoured! 😀

    I’m going to have to try to talk you into some Dickens though – especially since he’s definitely the deceased person I’d most like to go for a drink with…so long as he hasn’t turned into a vampire, that is!


    • You’re welcome! And a vampire Dickens sounds interesting haha, but I agree with you, I really have to read more of his work soon… I have A Tale Of Two Cities currently lined up and waiting. Which one do you recommend?


      • That’s a good one to start with, I think – interesting story and has the major benefit of being shorter than most of them! Bleak House is my favourite Dickens – in fact, it’s my favourite book. I might even argue it’s the greatest book ever written in the English language… 😉


  6. Thank you for nominating me. Yesterday as I was waiting at the airport I was wishing for the power of teleportation. I think if I had to pick I’d go with telekinesis though. Good questions! I think that’s the hardest part, thinking up the questions.


  7. Thanks again for the nomination, and good questions. I know I’m going to have a hard time coming up with mine lol. Oh and teleporting has always been my super power of choice because traveling duh!


  8. Thank you so much Yvo. I’ve been on vacation, but I am so very grateful for the many ways you share the blogger love. I agree 100% on vampire vs. werewolf (imagine the smell). I like your choice of Abe Lincoln but I might have to go Thomas Jefferson.


    • You’re welcome! And I agree with you on the smell; at least vampires seem to be clean apart from the blood. 😉 And Thomas Jefferson is also an excellent choice!


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