Dusting Off The Shelf Read-A-Thon: Wrap Up


Emily at Books & Cleverness hosted the Dusting Off The Shelf Read-A-Thon which ended officially yesterday evening! It was all about finally reading those poor neglected books that have been collecting dust for six months or more…And although I wasn’t able to read the number of books I had originally planned, I still managed to complete at least four. Below you can find my progress during the last three days and a summary, but first: more adorable kittens! I completely fell in love with the dark one. ❤


I will start with a short summary of the last three days… Unfortunately I didn’t have that much time to read, so I wasn’t able to squeeze in another book for the challenge. But at least I finished The Name Of The Wind and I can say it’s one of my favorite reads this year!

    # Book continued: Patrick Rothfuss – The Name Of The Wind
    # Pages read: 110 (on page 333 out of 662)
    # Book continued: Patrick Rothfuss – The Name Of The Wind
    # Pages read: 156 (on page 489 out of 662)
    # Book finished: Patrick Rothfuss – The Name Of The Wind
    # Pages read: 173 (662/662; DONE!)

On to the Dusting Off The Shelf Read-A-Thon wrap up. (It was actually the first time joining a read-a-thon so correct me if I’m doing things wrong..)

1. Total number of books read: 4

2. Total number of pages read: 1834

3. Challenges completed:

  • Read a book set in the past: The Known World
  • Read a classic: Lord Of The Flies
  • Read a book written before 2010: The Shining / The Name Of The Wind
  • Read at least 100 pages a day: Unfortunately I failed to reach this one. 😦 I had four days of not being able to read at least a hundred pages (days 3, 7, 8 and 11)

I had a lot of fun during this challenge! Thanks for hosting Emily! 😀

9 thoughts on “Dusting Off The Shelf Read-A-Thon: Wrap Up

    • Thanks! I guess I could have read more books if I would have chosen shorter books… But I’m glad with my choices and actually liked the biggest two best. 😀 (The Shining and The Name Of The Wind)

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Shining is big, but quite easy to read… I’m going to try and get a copy of Doctor Sleep myself soon so I don’t have to reread it though. The Name Of The Wind is definitely worth reading!


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