Title: Throne Of Glass
(Throne Of Glass #1)
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Paranormal
First published: August 2nd 2012
Finished reading: August 19th 2014
Pages: 406
Rating 4

“Something wild and foreign issued a cry within her, shattering through the pain in her head, and thoughts of poppies and cages faded away.
She must do what was necessary to save the crown – and her future.”


This book has been mentioned quite a lot lately, and after some false starts, I finally came around reading this one during the Bout Of Books read-a-thon. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the main character Celaena wasn’t just the typical girl heroine. Although the ‘flirting’ with Prince Dorian was a bit annoying (why do the girls always have to fall for the prince?), in general she was definitely a cold and kick-ass assassin. She is focused on her goal to reach freedom and it’s hard to distract her from reaching it… Although dark powers might be involved that are working against her. I enjoyed the overall storyline and characters, but there were some parts that bothered me and were on the edge of cliche. I already mentioned the part of the beautiful ‘low-born’ girl falling for the prince; and what about naming the bad guy Cain? Only Abel was missing for the full Bible reference. Those and other little annoyances made me give Throne Of Glass only four stars, which still means you should read it if you have the chance.


At eighteen, Celaena is probably the youngest assassin around, and the best at her job. Unfortunately she got caught last year and was sent to the mines of Endovier… A place where rebels are enslaved and are forced to work to death. Against all odds Celaena survives a full year, and one day Prince Dorian comes to visit her with a proposition. If she wins a tournament held among thieves and assassins and afterwards accepts being the King’s personal assassin for a few years, she will win her freedom back. Celaena sees there is no other way out of Endovier, and even though accepting the job goes against everything she believes in, she still agrees with the conditions of her freedom. Dorian takes her back to the glass castle and his father, where the preparations for the tournament already are taking place.

Celaena is given a different name so others don’t know she is actually the most famous assassin of the bunch, and is left under the care of Captain Chaol. Her year in Endovier has weakened her, but with the help of Chaol she is able to train and get back into shape. Soon the tournament starts, and the competition is tougher than Celaena was expecting. The main threat is Cain, a nasty big fellow and favorite of the King, and Celeana soon finds out his size is not the only thing threatening about him. Meanwhile, both Prince Dorian and Chaol seem interested in her although both deny that fact, and Celaena doesn’t seem interested in either of them… For now. She also makes friends with Princess Nehemia, known for her contacts with rebels, and the girl becomes really important to her. In fact she might become lifesaving in the future…


Like I said before, I loved the story in general, but some of the cliches made me decide not to give the full five stars. It is still a great read and I’m looking forward to be reading the rest of the series… And I would definitely recommend it those who enjoy fantasy YA and like reading about a strong female heroine!