Top Ten Tuesday #6 – August 26th: Books I Need To Get Soon!


The Broke And The Bookish presents us every week a new top ten with a different theme. And this Tuesday’s theme is the Top Ten Books I Really Want To Read But Don’t Own Yet. When I first saw this theme, I was mostly thinking: Seriously, only ten? My need-to-get-soon list at Goodreads has about 40 titles on it alone, and I haven’t updated that one that recently. I’ve tried to make a selection for this Top Ten Tuesday though:





Which of these have you read already and can you recommend to me? Any books I should buy first?

24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #6 – August 26th: Books I Need To Get Soon!

    • I like crime fiction stories, and I loved the Harry Potter series, so I really don’t know why I haven’t bought this one yet… Hopefully I can get a copy soon.


  1. I’d highly recommend Gone Girl–smart and gripping. If you like it, I’d also suggest checking out Flynn’s other novels, particularly Dark Places (assuming you haven’t already). In some ways, I actually prefer it to Gone Girl; it has a really gut-wrenching emotional resonance.


    • I’m definitely going to try and get Gone Girl soon! A lot of people have highly recommended to me already, and your comment confirmed I just HAVE to get a copy. I will check out the other novels as well. 🙂


  2. I’m on Gardens of the Moon, not read any of the others so I am biased when I say to get that one. Although it is an epic. Over 700 pages in the first book. Book two has close to a thousand.


  3. You need to get your hands on Gone Girl, definitely… But don’t put it down. The beginning is almost achingly slow, but then all of a sudden it gets amazing and shocking and just…. fantastic. Haha!

    I’d love to get my hands on The Girl with All the Gifts. It just looks good.


  4. I pretty much impulse bought All The Light when it was discounted but have yet to read it (I’m not sure if it’s a mood thing or just swamped with other reads though). It’s definitely something I’m hoping to have read by the end of this year; and it’s received a lot of praise too, so that’s always good! I also very much approve of Knife of Never Letting Go!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts


    • Those two titles have been high on my need-to-get-soon list for a while now; both have received a lot of positive reviews and sound interesting from what I could seen in the summaries… Hopefully I can get the copies soon!


  5. The Cuckoos Calling and Gone Girl are both so good!! I’ve been eyeing The Knife of Never Letting Go lately too, especially since Target has it now for like $7 or something!


  6. So many good ones!!! Cuckoo’s Calling is really, really good! And of course Gone Girl is one of my favourites as well. I actually just got it for someone’s birthday and they have just finished reading it and loved it as well!

    PS- One of our good friends is heading to Argentina for a month and I couldn’t help but think of you!!

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    • The Cuckoo’s Calling and Gone Girl are now in my possession! 😀 I will definitely read both very soon…

      And Argentina is a great country to visit, although it’s a bit cold still (Winter here). I’m sure your friend is going to love it!


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