Month In Review: September 2014


October has come and that means it is time for the monthly wrap up post! September has been a good reading month with nine and a half books read. I’m coming close to reaching my Goodreads goal of 70 books… Most likely I will reach that number next month already with two months to spare, yay! 😀

I’m still in the process of updating and improving my blog… Some may have noticed I’ve changed my review format slightly, and I’m slowly changing all previous reviews. I’m also trying to write all older pending reviews, and I’m hopefully finally posting my book review policies as well this month. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I will have a lot of blog time as well as reading time this month!

I’ve received and read four ARC’s; three through the Guest Reviewer Program at Ethereal Book Reviews and the last one send by the author (thanks again Catherine Aerie!). Also, I’m rereading the Harry Potter series at the moment, which I will probably finish before the end of this year. Gotta love magic! Now on to some numbers:

  • Number of books read in September: 9 1/2
  • Total number of books read this year: 64
  • Total number of pages read in September: 3.376
  • Total number of pages read this year: 23.314

I’m surprised with the amount of pages read already this year! The number is way higher than last year, and there are still three months left to reach the 30.000 mark… Definitely do-able if I keep up my reading!

As for the books I’ve read last month; out of the nine books on my September TBR, I’ve managed to read a whopping seven! titles. Which is a miracle, since I normally don’t stick to my TBR lists… Only Gardens Of The Moon and Gone Girl are still left unread, but those two titles will be read soon for sure. Below you can find a list of the books I’ve read sorted by rating from high to low; two reviews are still pending and will be posted before next Monday.

  • 2,5 stars:
    Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King

12 thoughts on “Month In Review: September 2014

    • Thanks! I guess I was relatively lucky with having quite some spare time left for reading… And rereading Harry Potter has been a true pleasure so far; I’ve seen most of the movies again on TV lately, but the books are even better than the movies. 😀


  1. Sounds like September was a pretty awesome month for you! Also looking forward to what you think of Gardens of the Moon. Its a pretty brutal book to get into, and Erikson asks a lot of questions he doesn’t provide answers for, not overtly at least. You’ve got to piece together stuff. It’s not light reading. That’s what I’ve heard at least! Haven’t read it as yet myself. Soon, though.


    • I’ve heard similar things about Gardens Of The Moon, and I’m really looking forward to reading it! I’m not sure if it will be this month, because I have other books that I need to read first, but it will be soon for sure. 😀


      • That’s still quite far away! I’m hoping to read it before the year is over myself… Although I have so many books I want to read soon, that you never know. 😉


      • I’ve had the entire series since Aug 2013, but other stuff keeps taking priority -.- Was going to read them this May, but ended up buried under ARCs that completely railroaded my reading plans. And based on how complex and epic the series is described as being, I want to sit and read in one go when I have the relative time to sit and concentrate.


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