Originally featured at Should Be Reading… WWW WEDNESDAYS is all about answering the following three questions:

  • What are you currently reading?


theshamI’ve started reading The Dead Zone by Stephen King a while ago, but I’ve put it aside for now because it just couldn’t grasp me. Plus, I had some other books I had to read first (including a few ARC’s)… Right now I’m reading The Sham by Ellen Allen, a novel that is not convincing me either so far… But since I’m only about 50 pages into the story, my opinion still can go either way.

  • What did you recently finish reading?

702018121964071I’ve finished One Day by David Nicholls last week, and it was definitely an interesting novel. A full review will be up tomorrow latest. I’ve also managed to finish Elemental Rancor: A Chronicle Of Consequence by Charles Lominec yesterday, an ARC and sci-fi novel with a very impressive world building… I should be having a review up before the weekend.

  • What do you think you’ll read next?

theelectI’m not sure, but it will be between the next ARC I have lined up or a book that I can fit both in the Bookish Bingo and Reading Through The Centuries challenge… The next ARC would be The Elect by Elle Todd, a very interesting story I’m looking forward to. As for the other option, my mind is going blank right now.