Title: Elemental Rancor: A Chronicle Of Consequence
Author: Charles Lominec
Genre: Fantasy, Science-Fiction
First published: April 18th 2014
Finished reading: October 28th 2014
Pages: 417
Rating 4

“The changes are on a more subtle level, a change of consciousness which most humans cannot perceive. I do not believe it to be an unnatural change; change is part of reality.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Charles Lominec! ***


I haven’t read many science-fiction novels so far… When I was contacted by Charles Lominec to read and review his novel, I saw it as a chance to broaden my literary horizon and read something ‘new’. And after reading Elemental Rancor: A Chronicle Of Consequence, I was nothing other than impressed by the way Lominec was able to build a quite impressive fantasy world. Like I said before, I don’t have a lot of experience reading sci-fi, but this mythical world full with elemental powers seems unique en is definitely interesting. I did have some difficulties following the many creatures and different characters in the story, but the overall plot and story is interesting enough to make me forget my problems with the confusing names and characters.


Things are about to change in the Zangava Empire, and it doesn’t only affect Sarnen and his family. The elements are no longer in harmony and cannot be controlled as easily as before. The Tutors can see small changes that others might not perceive; Fire and Earth are starting to rebel, with enormous consequences… Changes that start with the Lanx attacking Sarnen’s ship, leaving Sarnen with no other choice than abandon his profession and search for a new life for his family.

His son Jorgen has recently developed a special power to overhear conversations even when the person in question is miles away… And Sarnen is trying to keep it a secret because he knows his child would be taken away to fulfill his duty to the Empire otherwise. But Jorgen befriends a little girl with a very special power unknown to her, and soon both are forced to work for the Empire. The girl can transform in an enormous and powerful tiger, and is being trained to fight and protect the country. And before long, she has to really test her powers as they are under attack… In the meantime, Earth and Fire create a new enemy for the Empire, and below water things are getting complicated as well. What will happen to Sarnen and his family under the threat of war? Will they be able to adapt to the changed and survive the consequences?


I enjoyed reading about the Zangava Empire and could really appreciate the elaborate world building. I had some problems following the many different creatures and characters, especially when trying to remember their connection, but the names Lominec used made it easier. I also liked the philosophical touch of the story. All in all a pleasant read and recommended to those who enjoy sci-fi and appreciate some very impressive world building.