Bookish Bingo Holiday Edition: October Update


Now that the first month of the Bookish Bingo: Holiday Edition is over, it is time to check on my progress. I’ve so far managed to fill eight of the squares, although I didn’t get a bingo line yet… I’m hoping to finish at least one line by the end of next month! Below the books that I’ve read so far and their categories; I might change them around later on depending on future reads.

  • Historical: A Matter Of Honour by Jeffrey Archer
  • Horror: A Legend Of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
  • Creature On Cover: Elemental Rancor by Charles Lominec
  • Black Cover: Black Roses by Jane Thynne
  • Mystery: The Sham by Ellen Allen
  • A Book That Was A Gift: Hope’s Rebellion by Jade Varden
  • Set In Autumn: Divine Fall by Kathryn Knight
  • Orange Cover: One Day by David Nicholls

Reading suggestions to complete bingo lines:

  • 527019Green Cover: Gardens Of The Moon by Stephen Erikson
  • ‘Ice’, ‘Snow’ or ‘Frost’ in title: Hot Ice by Nora Roberts
  • Snow on Cover: Innocence by Dean Koontz
  • Set During Christmastime: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


I still haven’t found interesting titles for the Native American MC, Set On Halloween and Steampunk squares. Any suggestions?

10 thoughts on “Bookish Bingo Holiday Edition: October Update

  1. For Set on Halloween – you could read The Gates by John Connolly – it’s a fun light read, and Tracks is a great book with a Native American MC or read one of the Tony Hillerman mysteries. The lead detective is Joe Leaphorn and they are always a lot of fun. Another favorite series with a Native American Lead starts with The Visitant by Kathleen and Michael Gear – they are an Archaeologist and Anthropologist husband and wife author team. This is one of my favorite books

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    • Thank you so much for all the recommendations! I’ve actually read one of the Tony Hillerman books before (Hunting Badger), and I might read another one to fill in the Native American square… Although I’m tempted to try out one of the other books you mentioned to read something new.

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    • Thanks! 😀 I’m thinking of mixing the titles around so I have a bingo line with only reading one more book… (Native American MC) There is still plenty of time to catch up with your reading; good luck! 🙂

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  2. For Native American one of the main characters in the Heroes of Olympus (second Percy Jackson) is native american and the main character in Soulless is. (though I hesitate to recommend that book) I really liked the Infernal Devices too. (What someone called the clockwork series)

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