Title: Nothing Everything Nothing
Author: Casia Schreyer
Genre: YA, Contemporary
First published: October 23rd 2014
Finished reading: November 3rd 2014
Pages: 218
Rating 4,5

No matter what other people think, you have to love you enough to want to be in this world. You have to love you enough to see your strenghts and your value even in the face of failure.

*** A copy of this book was kindly given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Casia Schreyer! ***


Wow. Books don’t leave me speechless often, but Nothing Everything Nothing is definitely one damn impressive novel. Casia Schreyer touches sensitive themes as teenage insecurity, (virtual) bullying, sexual harassment and suicide attempts without it becoming a boring lecture. It left me thinking of my own high school experiences and that nowadays it has become even easier to completely ‘destroy’ the life a teenager through websites like Facebook and Twitter… Virtual bullying has become an increasing problem over the years and should never be underestimated. Nothing Everything Nothing is a great novel to read and absorb information about this phenomenon. Through the life of the main character Molly we can see the cruelty of teenagers and its consequences from up close… Molly can be a tad superficial and naive at some points, but then again she is sixteen and desperate to fit in; her so-called friends and boyfriend are only seeking to destroy her. A very strong novel and definitely recommended. Close to the full five stars!


All the sixteen-year-old Molly wants is to fit in, but with her blue hair and more curvy body she is not the perfect candidate to be popular. She desperately tries to make friends with a group three popular girls, and for now they seem to accept her… Or do they only see her as a social experiment? When the nineteen-year-old and popular Lance shows interest in Molly during spring break, her girlfriends act jealous and her best friend Brandon suspects something is off. But Molly doesn’t want to see the signals, and tries to do everything Lance wants so he doesn’t end their ‘relationship’.

The popular trio is trying to get Molly to break down by questioning her weight and relationship with both Lance and the ‘nerdy’ Brandon. Lance is being a bad influence and tries to force Molly into skipping class and drinking beer… Things she accepts to do just to please Lance. Slowly Lance is trying to make her drift away from Brandon and her family, buying her gifts and paying for her food. Molly is changing and both at school and at home they start worrying about her. Things escalate when Lance tries to force him on her. Molly manages to leave the house unharmed, but not before Lance has taken some saucy pictures of her without her shirt on. Her worst nightmare comes true as Lance starts publishing those photos online… And her life becomes a living hell. Molly is not sure she can coope with the humiliation…


This is a very strong novel that touches some sensitive themes and contains some colorful language, so it is not suited for those who are offended easily. That said, it is a definite must read if you want to learn more about virtual bullying and its consequences. Nothing Everything Nothing is a novel I won’t forget soon, and the quote at the beginning of this review is a perfect motto to live by!