Title: Hot Ice
Author: Nora Roberts
Genre: Romance, Fiction, Suspense
First published: 1987
Finished reading: November 2nd 2014
Pages: 280
Rating 3

“You’re a first-class bastard, Doug.” This time he grinned because he’d heard the light trace of respect. “I like first class, Whitney. I’m going to live there the rest of my life.”


I have to admit I mostly picked up a copy of this novel because I had to read a book with ‘Ice‘, ‘Frost‘ or ‘Snow‘ in the title for the Bookish Bingo: Holiday Edition challenge, and the only title I could find a copy of easily was Hot Ice. The story and characters were on the cheesy/cliche limit of my tolerance, but in general it was an easy and entertaining read. The two main characters Whitney and Douglas are a case of ‘opposites attract’. They end up stuck together chasing a treasure and also being chased down by Douglas’ former employer; and sooner or later they end up together. SO cliche! Le sigh. But the treasure hunt and their adventures in Madagascar are interesting to read and the novel keeps a fast pace. All in all an ok read if you don’t expect too much of it… Combined with a cold drink next to the pool or a steaming cup of coffee inside, it will give you a few entertaining reading hours.


Whitney has everything most women dream of; as the heiress of an ice cream imperium she has access to all the money she wants and on top of that she is a classic beauty. But she has a mayor problem; she is easily bored and always looking for action. When one day by chance Douglas enters her car, she suddenly is in the middle of more action than she could have hoped for. Douglas is a shady figure and he is currently being chased by his former employer. Reason? He was asked to steal some very valuable documents leading to a treasure, but when he found out his boss would kill him anyway, he decided to keep the documents. Whitney’s crazy driving skills take them safely to her flat, but the bad guys are not far away… And soon Whitney has to flee with Douglas in order to stay alive.

Whitney has an advantage: she has cash and connections. Soon they are off to Europe and later to Madagascar, although the bad guys are never far away. Whitney and Douglas made a deal to share the treasure; a business proposition since Whitney has the cash and Douglas the documents. But neither trust each other… Not to mention the small problem of the mutual physical attraction. They soon have to travel by foot and car through the middle of the jungle while trying to shake of the men that are determined to take back the documents. The treasure is not far away if only they could reach that town somewhere in Madagascar…


Like I said before, Hot Ice has an interesting plot and a lot of cliche moments, but the story in general does deliver. It is an easy read with a fast pace and Nora Roberts is able to make you want to continue reading in order to find out if they are able to find the treasure on time. So I guess that if you need something easy, cheesy and entertaining, reading Hot Ice would be a good choice!