Title: The Elect
(Allison’s Story Series #1)
Author: Elle Todd
Genre: YA, Paranormal, Fantasy
First published: July 13th 2013
Finished reading: November 10th 2014
Pages: 353
Rating 4,5

Allison thought about telling him she’d seen the same movie and was pretty sure the claim was bogus. Instead, she offered her own bit of nonsense. “In some cultures, saving a life is considered an interference with fate and is punishable by death.”

*** A copy of this book was kindly given to me by the author through Ethereal Book Reviews in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
(Guest Reviewer Program) ***


I was intrigued by this first book of the Allison’s Story series as soon as I read the blurb that was sent to me by Ethereal Book Reviews. I admit it took me some time to finally start reading The Elect, but that was mostly because I wanted to be in the right mood for it… And I’m glad I did. This paranormal fantasy story with a dash of romance was worth the wait and left me wanting for more. I know Elle Todd has already published the second book, The Vanguard, and I will definitely try to read the sequel to find out what happens to the main characters. The Elect is a story with a fast pace, easy to read and Elle Todd is able to build up the tension quite smoothly by letting both Allison and the readers discover her powers gradually. I’m normally not a big fan of high school novels, but in this case the emphasis is being laid on the supernatural powers of the elect and it makes the few ‘cliche’ high school scenes tolerable. All in all definitely recommendable!


Allison and Delaney have been best friends for ages. Allison is the quite and ‘invisible’ one of the pair, while Delaney doesn’t mind a little excitement. When the popular mean girl, Rebecca, decided to spread a horrible rumor around, Delaney is out for revenge. She convinced Allison to break into their high school to falsify an email accusing Rebecca of cheating… But things get complicated when Allison discovers they weren’t the only ones trespassing; the three boys doing something she never believed would have been possible. People can’t produce fire with their bare hands, or can they? Allison doesn’t know whether to trust her own eyes…

She doesn’t think the three boys recognized Allison despite her fiery red hair, but when Delaney wants to spy on them she doesn’t think it is a good idea. Ryan, Nate and Jeremy are the popular guys at school, and apparently they are hiding something that isn’t normal. When the three suddenly start showing interest in the two friends, Allison suspects something is off… But Delaney is developing a crush on Jeremy and thinks becoming friends with them is the best way to spy on them. They soon discover what the three boys are hiding, and Allison makes a discovery of her own… Nate and Jeremy are no the only ‘Elect‘ gifted with supernatural powers; Allison is able to use them as well when they are close! She is now forced to uncover the secrets of her past and find out who she really is… Because she is the first Elect that is able to use more than one power, and soon others are after her.


I really enjoyed reading The Elect and I will definitely be looking out for the sequel. It is an interesting story that is easy to read, and the ending leaves you wanting for more. Allison is a character you can easily relate to, and while some of the high school scenes were on the verge of annoying, the rest of the story made up for it. Definitely recommended to those who enjoy YA paranormal fantasy novels!