BOOK REVIEW: Innocence – by Dean Koontz


Title: Innocence
Author: Dean Koontz
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery
First published: 2013
Finished reading: November 27th 2014
Pages: 338
Rating 4

“Each book is a mind alive, a life revealed, a world awaiting exploration, but living people are all those things, as well—and more, because their stories haven’t yet been completely told.”


Innocence is one of those books you need to be in the right mood for in order to actually appreciate it. This novel by Dean Koontz is not an easy read and you really need to sit down to enjoy the beautiful prose and philosophical messages hidden in plain sight. With that said, except for the last part of the novel, I highly enjoyed reading Innocence. The first two parts build up a kind of mystery and tension around Addison and Gwynneth, the main characters, that makes you just want to keep on reading. Unfortunately the last and final part ends in a sort of anti-climax and I sincerly wish the story would have ended differently. Still, Innocence deserves its four stars and it is definitely recommendable to those who enjoy reading beautifully written prose and don’t mind philosophical and religious messages incorporated into the story. Warning: part of the story is actually quite dark!


Addison Goodheart is different and people hate him for that. He spends his life beneath the city hidden from sight, because if he is ever seen by another human, they will destroy him without hesitance… He lives together with a man he calls Father, someone who is different like Addison and teaches him all about how to survive in this cruel world. But Father one day is forced to leave him, as did his real mother when she sent him away when he was eight.

On one of his nightly escapades, Addison meets Gwynneth, a fragil girl who dresses as a Goth and has social phobia. Against all odds they tolerate each other and soon become friends, their bond running deeper than the tragedies both have experienced. Someone is after Gwynneth; the same man that has killed her father. They are desperately trying to escape both him and protect others from getting harmed, but things are not easy and not only because of the heavy snow. Something big is about to happen, something that will change the world forever…


It’s hard not to reveal too much in the summary without spoiling the plot twists and surprises Koontz incorporated in this novel. What I can say is that this is definitely an interesting read and worth your time if you enjoy a good fantasy thriller with well written prose. So many great and meaningful quotes! The end does disappoint slightly though.

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    • It’s my first Dean Koontz read, but I’ve heard great things about this author in general. And after reading Innocence, I definitely will be checking out more of his work in the future!


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