Title: Kiera’s Moon
(The Anshan Saga #1)
Author: Lizzy Ford
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
First published: August 8th 2011
Finished reading: December 5th 2014
Pages: 260
Rating 2

“To his surprise, she was grinning, her multi-hued eyes glowing. He hadn’t thought she would be so eager, given her skill at avoiding all her regular nishani duties.”


I’m not sure whether me and this book just were not ment to be or if it really is that bad, but I just couldn’t enjoy it. It seemed to be more like a cheesy romance novel than an actual science fiction work, and I couldn’t be bothered by the whole situation of the Anshan planet where the story takes place. The characters in Kiera’s Moon for me lacked dept or were just plain annoying… The way A’Ran and Kiera meet totally unbelievable, and the fact that this dominant warrior and independant woman are ment to be soulmates just a step too far on the cliche scale. I also refuse to believe that the strongwilled Kiera so easily forgives her friend for transporting her to an alien planet where women are treated like property. Or that her friend fell in love and married an alien and consented to go to his planet in the first place. To be short, I found this to be a rather unbelievable cheesy romance story with a little pinch of aliens thrown in, rather than a genuine science fiction story… And without doubt something I wouldn’t be recommending to anybody.


Kiera’s best friend Evelyn is going to marry her boyfriend Romas after only knowing him for three months. Evelyn tries to convince Kiera to visit them as they go live in  Romas’ home far away. When Kiera refuses, they basically abduct her and take her to Romas’ planet. Romas turns out to be an alien and one of the Qatwals who are at war with the Anshans. When Kiera finds out they plan to marry her to one of Romas’ brothers even without her consent (women don’t have free will), she desperately tries to escape.

The King of Ashan, A’Ran, is held prisoner by the Qatwals when he meets Kiera by accident. He instantly knows she is his nishani, his soulmate and the woman he needs to rescue his planet. He takes great risk to ‘abduct’ her and bring her back to his base. He had never asked Kiera to be his nishani, and she definitely doesn’t agree with her new role. Slowly both A’Ran and Kiera are trying to adapt themselves to the new situation. The Qatwals are furious that A’Ran took Kiera away from them and launch more attacks than ever…


Like I said before, this was a story filled with cliches and unbelievable from the beginning. The characters were either annoying or felt wrong and the storyline itself wasn’t much better. This book could have been so much better… The idea wasn’t that bad, but I felt it was just poorly executed. As you might guess, I wouldn’t recommend reading this one!