2015 Bookish Bingo Challenge Header

After seeing this variation on the Bookish Bingo challenge I’ve completed last December, I knew I just HAD to join. I really enjoyed the version hosted by Great Imaginations, but I like the fact that Maddie @ The Girly Geek Book Blog made it into a yearly challenge. I don’t always have that much reading time available, and a yearly challenge will give me more time to actually complete the challenge. Plus, I love the tasks she picked for the different squares!

2015 Bookish Bingo Challenge WITHOUT RULES

How it works:

Fulfill the task within the box to be able to mark it off. There are three levels of participation: beginner, intermediate and expert.


Beginner: Try and complete one line of BINGO.
Intermediate: Complete the entire outside box.
Expert: Fill every single square!


I will be going for filling at least 30 out of the 45 squares. I’m sure the rule that ‘if a book applies to more than one square, you can check up to THREE of them off’ will actually make it easier to reach that goal! Check out Maddie’s post at The Girly Geek Book Blog for more information and to sign up for this challenge! Sign ups are open until November 2015 so there is plenty of time to decide if you want to join this fun challenge. 😉