Friday Finds #21 – January 30th


FRIDAY FINDS is originally featured at Should Be Reading and showcases the most interesting books I’ve encountered during, in this case, the last three weeks and have added to my neverending TBR list on Goodreads. I’ve been away on vacation and I admit I haven’t had that much time to browse for new books… Plus, I’m technically on a book buying ban so that doesn’t help either. 😉  I still found some interesting titles though, but before I continue first some happy kitty news! My cat Jazmin turned out to be pregnant AGAIN and two days ago four lovely kittens were born! ❤ The funny thing is that she’s all white and the four kittens all have different colors… I’m considering keeping the black one if it’s a male; the tip of its tail is white, too cute! 😀


On to my finds:


2 thoughts on “Friday Finds #21 – January 30th

  1. One of my cats had a small white tip on his tail when he was a little kitten, but it went away as he got older. Those are adorable kittens. Okay, ALL kittens are adorable. Is the red tabby on the far right really that pale?

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    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed this one won’t lose the white tip, but even without I will probably end up keeping it anyway if it’s a male. It will make a nice contrast with the two white cats I already have. 😉 The mother actually had a grey spot on her head when she was little, but it disappeared after a few months.
      The one on the right is exactly as pale as on the photo; almost a beige color. I’ve seen the father around the neighborhood; he is exactly the same color!


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