Title: Tucker Peak
(Joe Gunther Series #12)
Author: Archer Mayor
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
First published: 2001
Finished reading: January ? 2015
Pages: 352
Rating 3

“Cat’s out of the bag. You nail this bastard or I’ll make you sorry you didn’t.”


Tucker Peak is one of those crime paperbacks that you buy cheap and later forget all about… The consequence that this one has been on my TBR shelf for way too long. I haven’t read the first eleven books in the series and to be honest I don’t think I will. This novel by Archer Mayor is not bad, but it doesn’t manage to stand out from the many crime/detective/police novels out there. The pace is a bit slow for my liking and I couldn’t really connect to the characters. Part of the problem with the characters could be because of the fact that I haven’t read the other books in the series, but I personally don’t think so. The different crimes mostly happening in the small ski town in Vermont reach the limit of credibility as well as the undercover investigation itself. I mean, they had an awful lot of luck discovering what they did… But I guess that applies to a lot of detective series. In short, it is an ok read with quite some action involved even though it reads slow. But in the end it does the job.


Joe Gunther is now member of the newly-formed Vermont Bureau Of Investigation, and is called to assist in the investigation of a series of burglaries in Tucker Peak. It is a small ski town in Vermont that has been having problems competing with better ski resorts out there, and they can’t afford any more trouble. The management is trying to improve the facilities to survive, but the local environmental group is against those plans and tries to sabbotage their work. If the news about the burglaries leaks out, tourists might stop coming at all… Joe and his collegue Sammie decide to go undercover to find the thief, and soon find out there is a lot more going on than a simple case of condo burglaries. Drug-dealing, sabotage, murder… The VBI agents soon have their hands full.


Like I said, there is nothing that makes Tucker Peak stand out from other crime novels. I’ve heard this is not the best one out of the bunch of Joe Gunther novels (25!) out there, but I don’t think I will be trying out the other titles any time soon… Unless I get my hands on another cheap copy and I’m in the mood for a dose of crime. The setting in Vermont is interesting though and the prose ok, although a bit slow. I guess it will work fine as a vacation read.