Title: The Shock Of The Fall
Author: Nathan Filer
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary, Psychology
First published: 2013
Finished reading: March 30th 2015
Pages: 310
Rating 5

“I decided each name on each spine was the person who the book had been written for, rather than who had written it. I decided everyone in the world had a book with their name on, and if I searched hard enough I’d eventually find mine.”


The Shock Of The Fall is one of those books where it was the cover that first caught my eye and only later on I realized what the story was really about. After reading this novel by Nathan Filer, I can say it turned out to be even better than the beautiful cover. The Shock Of The Fall has easily become one of my favorite reads so far this year. This story about the life of a mental ilness patient left me practically speechless; the prose is beautifully written and the way Nathan Filer uses different fonts and drawings to enhance reading pleasure is simply brillant. You see the story through the eyes of Matthew Homes, a mentally ill nineteen-year-old who still struggles with the death of his brother Simon. The fact that as a reader you only find out more details about the past and present when Matt wants it is refreshing, and gives us some insight in how someone with a mental disorder would think and react. A very interesting novel with wonderful prose that I would definitely recommend to those who enjoy reading (contemporary) fiction and/or books on psychology and mental ilness!


Matthew Homes is nineteen years old and he has a problem: he is considered mentally ill and is still struggling with his brother Simon’s death after all those years. Someone in the hospital told Matt it would be good if I were to write down his story, and so this novel was born… And Matt starts with explaining what happened the night that his brother Simon died.

‘I’ll tell you what happened because it will be a good way to introduce my brother. His name’s Simon. I think you’re going to like him. I really do. But in a couple of pages he’ll be dead. And he was never the same after that.’

Matt has always felt guilty about the death of his brother, and slowly gets absorbed by a downwards spiral that will lead to his stay in a mental hospital. There he has to confront the ghosts of the past in order to try and accept the present and future… And we follow Matt on this journey.


If you are interested in psychology and/or books on mental disorder, read this book. If you like (contemporary) fiction and beautiful prose, read this book. The Shock Of The Fall is one of those books that blows your mind away as you are reading it, and (as you might have guessed from my crappy summary) is difficult to describe correctly to others once you’ve finished it. The Shock Of The Fall was Nathan Filer‘s first novel, and I will be crossing my fingers he will write more of these beauties in the future…