Creative Blogger Award

img_3267During the last few days I have been nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by no less than four awesome bloggers! Thank you Ashley @ Dear World…, Alina @ Radiant Reads, Maren @ The Worn Bookmark and Alyssa @ Under Review!


I always love visiting their blogs, so if you haven’t checked them out so far, you should! 😀

The Rules:

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them

Ok, I found it almost impossibly hard to come up with completely new facts since most other blog awards also ask for facts… But I think that in the end I came up with five that are at least partly newish.

1. hallkitchenMy favorite color is blue and I even used it to decorate our home! I also love using black and white, and it shows. 😀 I couldn’t find many good pics, but here are two of the entry and kitchen… And yes, even my cats eat their food out of a blue bowl. 😀

2.browniealfajor I’ve always loved cooking and baking, and I spend a lot of time trying out new recipes. I’ve mentioned my favorite brownie recipe before, and recently I’ve managed to make my own alfajores! An alfajor is a Latin American sweet which is basically two cookies with caramel (dulce de leche) in the middle and covered in chocolate (and in this case sprinkled with coconut). So delicious!

3. kayakI’ve only ‘discovered’ kayaking after I started dating my hubby, but I absolutely fell in love with this sport. Kayaking is so relaxing and I love being in the water. There is a river crossing the town where I live, so plenty of water to go rowing. We always try to use the kayaks every time the weather is good enough, even during winter when it’s not too cold! 😀


butterfly88tattooo4. I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before, but I have a tattoo on my left shoulder. I got it a little over three years ago; It’s an 88 butterfly with the words carpe diem under it. The butterfly actually exists! I was born in 1988 and both the butterfly and the latin text represent my love for traveling and that life is too short to forget enjoying the present…

5. Lomogram_2015-03-30_02-38-37-PMMost people already know I’m what you call a crazy cat lady, but I couldn’t help myself and show off my newest addition anyway. Meet Tommy! Completely different from his mother both in appearance and character… Although I’m not sure that last one is a good thing haha. He’s a little devil in disguise this one.


And this is were I’ve become lazy and won’t continue this post with my nominations… This award has been everywhere during the last week and I don’t think there are many left that haven’t been nominated. And since all book blogs spreading book love are awesome, consider yourself nominated! 😀 ❤

19 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award

  1. I love all your facts! And your blue decorating! I love the color blue you chose. Tommy is so cute! I’ve been kayaking once and I was totally scared about it, haha. Mostly I was scared of falling in the water, because when I went it was kind of in the ocean and there were jelly fish EVERYWHERE! I love your tattoo. I have six. 🙂

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    • I’ve always wanted to paint at least one of my walls blue, so when we had to paint December last year I took my chance. 😉 I’ve never actually tried kayaking in the ocean, but I guess it’s way more difficult than in a river. Especially when the river is quite narrow… And boy, do I hate jellyfish! I want more tattoos in the future, although I’m still looking for the right design…

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      • I think I would have had more fun if there weren’t jelly fish everywhere. I mean, there were probably millions! I was scared to even get out of the kayak, lol. I want more tattoos, but figuring out where I want them is the hard part!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, I totally understand! I tend to stay far away from the ocean when there are any jelly fish around… I went in the water once though without seeing them, then suddenly being surrounded by at least a dozen the size of big plates! Scared the crap out of me for sure. 😉

        I have the same thing with my future tattoos, although I have been wanting a kind of tree branch with flowers growing from my right hip towards the spot just under the ‘carpe diem’ tattoo… I just haven’t found the perfect design or artist yet to actually get it.

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      • The tree branch with flowers sounds like it would be a really cool tattoo. I’ve been wanting to get a book related tattoo, but not exactly sure what and where.


  2. I love that shade of blue on your walls! I discovered kayaking last summer and it is so awesome! Nothing more relaxing than kayaking around a lake shore. I love the sound of the water lapping at the sides of the boat and paddles.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So true! The sound of water is always relaxing and I love gliding through the water! Plus, sometimes it gives you access to places that otherwise might be difficult to reach…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Tommy is lucky that he looks adorable, because otherwise I wouldn’t forgive him that easily for all the crazy destructive things he does. I should have called him Tasman… 😉


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