BOOK REVIEW: And Then There Were None – by Agatha Christie


Title: And Then There Were None
Author: Agatha Christie
Genre: Classics, Mystery, Thriller
First published: 1939
Finished reading: April 14th 2015
Pages: 300
Rating 5

“But no artist, I now realize, can be satisfied with art alone. There is a natural craving for recognition which cannot be gain-said.”


How I’ve managed to ignore the work of Agatha Christie for so long, I still don’t know. The mystery/thriller genre is one of my favorites, and her work is considered to be a classic… And now I’ve finally read And Then There Were None, I can see why. The prose is simply brilliant and the many plot twists make it hard to lay down this novel before reaching the end. The little Indian nursery rhyme that is revealed in the beginning gives you a glimpse of what will happen later on in the story… And the end is definitely shocking. And Then There Were None has all the ingredients of a great mystery read! Even though it was written back in 1939, the story doesn’t feel outdated. I instantly became an Agatha Christie fan after reading this classic, and I will definitely start reading more of her work in the future.


Ten people that at first glance don’t seem to have anything in common are invited to spend some time on an island close to the Devon coast. Some of them as employees, other as guests… And none of them seem to have met the mysterious U.N. Ownen before, the man that is supposed to own the island. But still they decided to come, each of them convinced in a different way. When the guests first meet, they start suspecting something is a bit off… Their hosts are still not on the island, and they are greeted by two servants. The ten seem to be alone on the island, and there seems to be no way to go back to main land before the next morning…

There is a nursery rhyme displayed in every bedroom, and ten little Indian figures stand on the table. What do they mean? The guests soon find out they are unwilling participants in a macabre game… As they start dying one by one, and there doesn’t seem to be a way off the island. Is there someone else on the island hidden? Or is there a murderer in their midst? Tick tack, the clock is ticking and time is running out…


Simply brilliant. And Then There Were None is considered as a modern classic and now I’ve read it, I can understand why. The prose, the plot, the characters, the plot twists… Everything just works together perfectly and makes this novel by Agatha Christie into one of my favorite mystery/thriller reads ever. The nursery rhyme is a great unique touch that definitely adds to the reading pleasure, and the end will blow you away. Definitely recommended for fans of the mystery/thriller genre!

31 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: And Then There Were None – by Agatha Christie

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  5. I loved And Then There Were None, but I expected to since I have always loved when tv shows/movies spoof it (highly recommend the spoof “Murder by Death”- a brit dark comedy with a very young Maggie Smith!)
    I really want to read the 4.30 from Paddington for my next Christie!

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    • Murder by Death definitely sounds interesting! I have heard Agatha Christie’s novel mentioned various times before as well, so I had some idea of the general plot before I started reading it… BUt it ended up being even better than I imagined. I’m not sure which one to read next; I guess it depends on which title I will come across first. But Murder On The Orient Express is high on my list.

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  6. YES! Definitely one of my favourite of Christie’s works (and one of the best I read last year). So glad that you enjoyed this! The nursery rhyme is definitely a unique touch and even though it seems so obvious, it is super addicting.

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  7. As I said on my last comment, And Then There Were None was the first, and best, Christie book I read. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it too and hopefully you’ll like the rest of her work. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make of the detective Hercule Poirot, who is one of the most unique characters I’ve encountered!

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    • Hercule Poirot sounds like a great character! I’m in doubt whether to read Murder On The Orient Express first, or start with the first book in the series…


    • I guess I’ve started with the best novel! I will definitely read more of her work in the future, although I can understand why her books could get predictable after a while… I guess most series that have over ten books tend to end up being that way.

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    • I will probably try and read one of the Hercule Poirot books next… I’m still doubting whether to start with the first book, or read Murder On The Orient Express first.


  8. And Then There Were None is one my favorite Christie books! If you like the nursery rhyme angle, I highly recommend A Pocket Full of Rye and Hickory Dickory Dock.

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