Title: I’ll Give You The Sun
Author: Jandy Nelson
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance
First published: September 16th 2014
Finished reading: April 20th 2015
Pages: 371
Rating 4

“Or maybe a person is just made up of a lot of people,” I say. “Maybe we’re accumulating these new selves all the time.” Hauling them in as we make choices, good and bad, as we screw up, step up, lose our minds, find our minds, fall apart, fall in love, as we grieve, grow, retreat from the world, dive into the world, as we make things, as we break things.”


I’ve seen this book around everywhere since it first got published last year… So when I finally bought myself a copy of I’ll Give You The Sun, I decided it was just about time I finally read it. The cover alone convinced me I needed to read this novel, and the fact that it belongs to the glbt genre is a bonus. I needed a *We Need Diverse Books title for my Bookish Bingo challenges, and this novel by Jandy Nelson turned out to be a great choice. The prose is so colorful and radiant and awesome in general! I loved the main characters; both twins have such interesting personalities and I loved the fact that Jandy Nelson included so many art references. Sure, the prose can take a while to get used to and I can definitely understand it’s not for everybody, but I personally found it brilliant. I have so many quotes highlighted! I’ll Give You The Sun gives you a littlebit of everything; drama, love, death… And quite a few funny moments as well. Definitely recommended for those who enjoy reading YA contemporary!


Jude and her twin brother Noah used to be really close, but something happened when they were thirteen that changed both of them forever and drifted them apart. Noah used to be an artsy nerdy boy with an amazing drawing talent, while Jude was the daredevil of the two and way more outgoing. Then something changed… And at the age of sixteen, they seem to have switched places and personalities. Jude got accepted in the art school Noah didn’t get in, and Noah decided to ignore his intimate feelings and pretend he isn’t gay. They both tell us their story, but it shows that they have not interpreted all the facts the right way. Only when they decide to forgive each other and improve their relationship will they find out the complete truth about what happened three years ago…


It took me a while to get used to the prose, but when I did I was blown away by it. It’s so colorful, artsy and creative at times that it almost seems Jandy Nelson is painting with words. I loved both Jude and Noah as a character… And the plot is interesting as well. This novel is without doubt worth reading and the prose is simply brilliant. I’ll Give You The Sun goes straight to my reread list, and I will try to check out her other novel as well!