Bout Of Books 13 – Day 4 Update

BoB13-200x200On day four of the Bout Of Books 13 read-a-thon I didn’t have as much free time to read as previous days, but I was still able to squeeze in enough time to read 150 pages of World After.  I can’t wait to finish it today! 😀 And then follows the question what to read next: continue Falling Into Place, start Treasure Island or read The Wicked Will Rise?

  • DAY 4: THURSDAY MAY 14th

donttellmummyworldafter# Pages read today: 151 (World After)
# Total pages read: 1.273
# Book on hold: Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang
# Book continued: World After by Susan Ee
# Books finished: Angelfall by Susan Ee, Unwind by Neal Shusterman, Don’t Tell Mummy by Toni Maguire

Happy reading! 😀

Friday Finds #36 – May 15th


FRIDAY FINDS is originally featured at Should Be Reading and showcases the most interesting books I’ve encountered during the last week and have added to my neverending TBR list on Goodreads. I haven’t been looking much for new titles as I try to spend as much time as possible reading for the Bout Of Books 13 read-a-thon… But I was still able to add a few new titles. Below a selection of my newest additions; click on the book descriptions to go to its Goodreads page.

My finds:

fridayfindsmay15th2015 Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW: The Story Of Awkward – by R.K. Ryals


Title: The Story Of Awkward
Author: R.K. Ryals
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Fiction
First published: April 10th 2014
Finished reading: May 8th 2015
Pages: 268
Rating 3,5

“It is how we perceive ourselves that matters. True courage isn’t about being brave. True beauty isn’t about being beautiful. True courage is about being real. True beauty is about being happy.”


I first saw The Story Of Awkward as a Amazon Kindle deal and I was immediately intrigued by the title and blurb. I love anything awkward (normal is boring!), so this sounded like a really interesting read. The story turned out to be a bit different than I expected, but I still really enjoyed reading this novel by R.K. Ryals. It’s such a quick and entertaining read! Peregrine sure is an interesting and perfectly awkward character, and I love the fact that she designed a whole different fairy tale world for herself where she is accepted. The fact that I did the same thing when I was younger probably helped me relate to this character as well… I liked the prose and have many quotes highlighted on my kindle. It really shows that R.J. Ryals was trying to include a life lesson that it’s ok to be awkward. And I can totally agree with that! The Story Of Awkward is an entertaining read and recommended to those who enjoy a good fairy tale story.


Peregrine Storke is considered to be awkward by the other kids at school, and they bully her for it. In order to escape them, she has created her own fairy tale world over the years. In the world of Awkward, it is ok to be awkward and nobody is perfect. With the help of her awkward characters she is able to survive high school and forget temporarily about the bullies… But when she leaves her home at nineteen, she decides to leave her sketchbook and characters behind so she can have a fresh start.

Unfortunately, the characters of Awkward have a different plan. As Peregrine travels to New York with her best friend and brother, she ends up having a car accident. When she wakes up, she is in for a huge surprise… Somehow Peregrine is now trapped inside the world of Awkward, and her characters need her help to save their world. Something has gone wrong and Perfection is trying to destroy the world Peregrine has created… And together with the brother of her best friend and some of her favorite characters she is going to try and save her creation.


Some parts of the story were a bit cliche, but I still enjoyed the characters and I like the fact that this story is trying to show that being different is not a bad thing. The Story Of Awkward is a quick and quirky read that will bring a smile to your face if you have ever experienced the feeling of not fitting in as a teenager. It might not be the perfect read, but it’s awkward. In a good way.