Bout Of Books 13 – Wrap It Up!

BoB13-200x200The Bout Of Books 13 read-a-thon has now officially ended and it’s time to review the numbers. I managed to finish two more books yesterday and bring the total to six (if you don’t count the fact that I was already 16% into Angelfall when the read-a-thon started). I managed to read a total of 1.927 pages and four out of five books on my TBR… The other two being a TBR jar pick and a sequel I just HAD to read straight away. All in all I guess this read-a-thon was a great success!  Woohoo! 😀 😀


# Pages read today: 103 (The Wicked Will Rise) + 210 (Falling Into Place)
# Total pages read: 1.927
# Book continued: The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige, Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang
# Books finished: Angelfall by Susan Ee, Unwind by Neal Shusterman, Don’t Tell Mummy by Toni Maguire, World After by Susan Ee, The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige, Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang




1. Angelfall by Susan Ee. This is the first book of the Penryn & The End Of Days series and I absolutely loved reading it. I instantly became a Penryn and Raffe fan and without doubt I will be adding this one to my all-time favorite YA series list.

unwind2. Unwind by Neal Shusterman. This is the first books of the Unwind Dystology I will definitely be reading more of in the future. Although the plot in a way was quite disturbing, I liked the main characters and really want to know how things continue. Unwholly is already waiting for me on my TBR shelf…

donttellmummy3. Don’t Tell Mummy by Toni Maguire. I needed to read a memoir for various challenges and this one immediately caught my eye. I knew this was probably going to be a tough read since the blurb already shows the author had a pretty rough childhood… Now I’ve read it, I cannot help but feel sorry for her and think how brave she is to write down all those horrible facts.

worldafter4. World After by Susan Ee. The second book of the Penryn & The End Of Days series. This one wasn’t originally on my read-a-thon TBR, but I just couldn’t help myself and needed to know what would happen to Penryn and Raffe. No need to say that it was awesome and I will be trying to get my hands on a copy of the third book ASAP!

thewickedwillrise5. The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige. The second book of the Dorothy Must Die series. After reading the first book last month and already owning the sequel, I decided to read it while my memories of Dorothy Must Die were still fresh. There was quite a lot more action in this second book than the first, and it’s a shame the wait for the third will be a long one…

fallingintoplace6. Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang. I wasn’t sure I was actually going to finish this one on time, but it turned out to be quite a quick read. I cannot say I really liked the characters, but the book does have a strong message and there are some interesting plot twists in there. The ending does feel a bit forced though.


I hope you all had a great time during this read-a-thon! 😀 ❤

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