Title: Falling Into Place
Author: Amy Zhang
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Fiction
First published: September 9th 2014
Finished reading: May 17th 2015
Pages: 304
Rating 3

“Gravity is our playmate, momentum is our friend. We are blurs of motion. We are racing, and we are both winning, because we do not race each other. We race the world, and as fast as it rotates, as fast as it revolves, we are faster.”


I know a lot of people loved this novel and I almost feel bad for ending up not liking Falling Into Place. I’m not saying this novel by Amy Zhang is a bad read and I really appreciate the fact that she is writing about a difficult theme. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t stand the main character Liz Emerson and that really took away a lot of my reading pleasure. I guess you are supposed to feel sorry for her since she is trying to commit suicide and all, but I was just really annoyed by her in general. She is just so… Superficial. And not exactly likeable. I remember it took me a long time to finish this one and I even had to read other books in between before I could finish it. The prose isn’t bad and I like the physics references and the general idea behind the story. I just wish Amy Zhang would have used a different main character for her story… Or at least made Liz more likeable.


Liz Emerson is a popular girl who seems to have a perfect life; or at least on the outside. But inside, she is a mess. Her life is running out of control and she doesn’t know how to deal with her dark feelings. After discussing Newton’s laws of motion in her physics class, she decides to use them in real life… Putting them into practice by causing her Mercedes to run off the road. Liz Emerson decides to kill herself, thinking the world would be better without her. She didn’t succeed, although she is life threateningly injured and in a hospital… And it turns out a lot more people care for her than she originally thought. But will she ever wake up to find out? What will be the consequences of her actions?


After reading all those raving reviews, I ended up being slightly disappointed by Falling Into Place. Liz Emerson is a very annoying character and it was hard for me to actually feel sorry for her. I wasn’t a fan of the ending either; it seemed a bit abrupt and didn’t add anything substantial to the story. The prose and pace were perfectly fine, but like I said my lack of connection to the main character took away a lot of my reading pleasure. I guess this might still be a good read for those who don’t mind YA contemporary novels about teen suicide… A lot of people do seem to love Falling Into Place.