Friday Finds #39 – June 5th


FRIDAY FINDS is originally featured at Should Be Reading and showcases the most interesting books I’ve encountered during the last week and have added to my neverending TBR list on Goodreads. A start of a new month means new titles added to my TBR pile… This week all books I already own a copy of; click on the book descriptions to go to its Goodreads page.

My finds:


13 thoughts on “Friday Finds #39 – June 5th

  1. I’ve read A Midsummer’s Nightmare and it was good but the main character was intolerable at times (though I noticed a pattern with how Kodi Keplinger writes her main book heroines–tend to be not as likeable; however that’s just my opinion.

    Happy reading! 🙂

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    • Yeah, I had the same thing happening with the main character of The DUFF… I’m going to read A Midsummer’s Nightmare soon for a challenge, so we’ll see how things go with this one. Happy reading! 🙂

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