Title: A Thousand Pieces Of You
(Firebird Series #1)
Author: Claudia Gray
Genre: YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy
First published: October 7th 2014
Finished reading: May 31st 2015
Pages: 368
Rating 3

“Every form of art is another way of seeing the world. Another perspective, another window. And science –that’s the most spectacular window of all. You can see the entire universe from there.”


As soon as I saw the cover, I just knew I HAD to have a copy of A Thousand Pieces Of You even without knowing what it was exactly about. I mean, this is one gorgeous cover! I had such high expectations of this time travel sci-fi story… Unfortunately I cannot say that it lived up to expectations now I’ve read it. It might be because of the characters, it might be because of the lack of sci-fi and overdose of romance. But I ended up being disappointed by this novel by Claudia Gray. I mean, Marguerite is quite an annoying and ignorant character; she travels to a different universe to kill someone and when he swears he is innocent, she instantly believes him and ends up falling in love? Not really a convincing plot or character. I wasn’t a fan of the whole love triangle either. Why o why do authors almost always include one of those in a YA fantasy series?! I liked the chapters set in Russia and the underwater world and the writing itself is really beautiful. Claudia Gray did a great job worldbuilding wise and it shows she has a lot of imagination. I just wish she would have hold back on the romance…


The parents of Marguerite Caine are what you call brilliant scientists who have invented a gadget that will change the world: the Firebird. It will allow someone to travel to parallel universes and walk around in a world that might be completely different from the one they currently live in… A lot of power for those who have control over the Firebirds, and enough to murder Marguerite’s father for it. They are convinced their assistant Paul did it, but he managed to escape to a different dimension with the Firebird he has stolen. Their other assistant Theo decides to go after Paul, but he doesn’t go alone… Marguerite joins him as they chase after Paul through different universes, trying to catch and kill the man that killed her father. But soon enough Marguerite is not so sure anymore Paul actually murdered her father… Will she discover the truth before it’s too late?


Even though I was disappointed by this first book in the Firebird series, I know I will still read A Thousand Skies Above You when it comes out. The cover artist sure is amazing, because the sequel has yet another stunning cover! I guess those who love reading YA fantasy and don’t mind some sappy romance scenes and cliche love triangles will probably love A Thousand Pieces Of You. Just don’t expect it to be too much of a sci-fi novel like I did.