Last week I published the first set of series on my TBR list that I still have to start reading, but I there are a lot more than just ten series I want to read… So here is part two. These series below are either ongoing series with only one or two books already published or series I only own the first copy of. I still want to read them ASAP, but not as much as the first ten on my list. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย For a more complete list of the series I want to read, have started or actually completed, check out this post.

On to the series… Here are the secondย ten I want to start soon in no particular order:

11. A Darker Shade Of Magic

I love LOVE the cover and blurb!! But since only the first book is already published and the second one will be published only in 2016, I’m not sure whether it would be better to wait until the publish date for the sequel isn’t soย far away…

12. The Queen Of The Tearling
I already own a copy of the first book and the sequel has been published this month, but it is an ongoing series so I might prefer to wait until at least the publish date for the third book is revealed.

13. Reboot
I already own a copy of both so I will probably try to read themย soon.ย 

14. The Sweet Trilogy
I’m still not sure if I would like this series and I don’t like the covers at all, but it has been recommended to me a couple of times so I’m curious now.

15. Talon
There has been quite a hype around both books and they sound really good! Since it’s an ongoing series I might wait for a bit, but not too long because I’m really looking forward to these. I still have to get a copy of Rogue though…

16. Fire And Thorns
This series has been recommended to me and it sounds interesting… At least it seems to be a finished series, although I only own a copy of the first book.

17. Mara Dyer
I like the sound of this series and already own a copy of the first book, so I will probably give it a go soon.ย 

18. Outlander
I have been wanting to start this series for ages! I only own a copy of the first book though and there are a lot of books in this series, but I think I will start reading them soon anyway.

19. Chaos Walking Trilogy
Why haven’t I started this series?! I have been wanting to read the first book for ages now, and I have to get copies of the second and third book ASAP.

20. The Iron Fey
It looks like an interesting series, although I’m afraid there will be too much romance involved. I only own a copy of the first book, so we’ll see ifย I pick up my copy soon.ย 


Have you read any of these series already? Would you recommend them? Or do you have any on your TBR as well?

I hope everybody is having a great weekend! ๐Ÿ˜€