Title: Trust Me, I’m Lying
(Trust Me #1)
Author: Mary Elizabeth Summer
Genre: YA, Mystery, Romance
First published: October 14th 2014
Finished reading: June 20th 2015
Pages: 336
Rating 2,5

“Coincidences are like can believe in them all you want,but that doesn’t make them real.”


I was really looking forward to this read and the first part of Trust Me, I’m Lying was really promising. Unfortunately things soon went downhill from there. What started out as a great mystery/thriller read turned into a cheesy romantic mystery story before I reached the halfway mark. The main character Julep is the daughter of a master con artist and she is quite skilled herself as well. But as soon as she falls for the school’s hottest guy Tyler she seems to have forgotten all about her skills… And I’m not even mentioning the love triangle Mary Elizabeth Summer thought was necessary to spice up the story. Le sigh. The fact that Julep is supposed to be a great con artist and is constantly messing up while trying to find and rescue her father is not believable at all. I mean, she is supposed to be able to deceive even the best, but it seems that in the end she is relying more on luck than skill. And the fact that there is too much cheesy romance included in this story was a mayor disappointment as well. In short, I don’t think I would recommend this read unless you don’t mind unnecessary love triangles and a not quite believable plot.


Julep Dupree is a con artist and master of disguise, and she has learned from the best. Her father has included her in his jobs ever since she was little, but it seems that a job has gone terribly wrong this time. When Julep comes home one day, her father is missing and their appartment is trashed. She is determined to find her father and has to take care of herself at the same time. Julep earns her own money running scams at her high school and she is trying to get into Yale in the process. But finding her father without undermining her plans to get a scholarship for Yale is not as easy. Even if she has her best friend Sam and another very unlikely candidate helping her. Is Julep really the only one not telling the truth and hiding facts?


I loved the beginning of Trust Me, I’m Lying and I was already thinking this could end up being one of my favorite reads this year. The main character Julep started strong and I liked the prose, but things changed for the worse as I continued reading. The cliche ‘hottest guy of the school’ Tyler is introduced and then we have the ‘best friend who falls in love’ Sam… And another freaking love triangle. Why o why?! I seriously don’t understand why most YA authors seem to think their stories need a love triangle. Both Julep and her actions became less believable after that and I struggled to read the last part of the story, which is strange because it’s the part with the most action in it. And I’m not even talking about the end… I like cheese, but only as long as I can eat it.