Title: Claudia Must Die
Author: T.B. Markinson
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime
First published: December 8th 2014
Finished reading: July 3rd 2015
Pages: 126

“Claudia’s eyes grew ten sizes when she saw Parker was armed once again. Great! Now she was being locked up with an eerily calm lunatic and an attack dog loyal to the lunatic.”


I wanted to take a quick break from the YA fantasy genre, so I decided to pick up this Amazon kindle freebie. Claudia Must Die looked and sounded so promising… But unfortunately the only positive I can say about it that it’s short. That’s probably also the only reason I’ve actually finished this novel by T.B. Markinson, because I came really close to DNFing it. I normally love the whole mystery/thriller genre, but this was just bad. The characters and prose seriously annoyed me and the plot wasn’t plausible at all. Such a shame because I was really looking forward to this read! The quote above shows part of my problem with Claudia Must Die: the relationship between Claudia and Parker. One minute everything they are best friends and the next they want to kill each other; not credible at all and quite annoying. But then again, the whole plot is nowhere close to believable. As you might have guessed, I wouldn’t recommend reading this one even if you can get it for free like I did.


When Claudia finally realizes her husband is bad business, it is already too late… And she sees no other way out than stealing his money and run for her life. She has managed to survive so far, but her husband will not stop until he finds her. He hired two assassins to kill her and Claudia is forced to keep running. When she sees Parker for the first time, she has a new plan. Parker could have been her twin and she decides to sacrifice the college student’s life: make the assassins killer Parker so Claudia can take over her life. But her plan doesn’t work out and things are becoming more complicated by the minute… And more and more people seem to want Claudia dead. Will she be able to escape her fate?


I don’t think there was one character that felt ‘real’ or that I could have liked. Some were on the border of acting like a schizophrenic and the actions of all of them were highly exaggerated and far-fetched. The plot itself was highly improbable and the prose itself didn’t help either… I almost never hand out such low ratings, but I couldn’t bring myself giving Claudia Must Die more than one star. Such a shame!