Title: 314
(Widowsfield Trilogy #1)
Author: A.R. Wise
Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Fiction
First published: December 24th 2012
Finished reading: July 20th
Pages: 280
Rating 4

“People turn things into conspiracies because they have some deep-seated notion that the world is more mystical than it really is.”


I got 314 as a Amazon Kindle freebie a while back, and to be honest at the time I didn’t realize that it was actually part of a series or that it had quite a low rating at Goodreads. Still, I was actually pleasantly surprised by this horror story written by A.R. Wise. I can agree that part of the story is pretty disturbing and even gross, but it is what you call a proper horror story and I didn’t mind the scary parts myself. Warning: this one isn’t for the weak hearted! The prose is quite easy to read and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The scenes switch back and forth between 1996 and 2012; those set in 1996 are the scary/horror ones, while the scenes in 2012 are a lot milder. I had the feeling the author wasn’t really that interested in focusing on the characters, and you can see a slight lack in dept in most of them. The beginning is a bit confusing as the connection between the two eras isn’t immediately clear, but I guess that’s part of the suspense. I guess the main goal of 314 is scaring the crap out of you and not delivering a complicated plot or characters… If you like horror and are not scared easily, this one is without doubt an entertaining read.


16 years ago something terrible happened in Widowsfield, and Alma Harper was able to escape. She has been trying to forget what happened ever since, but the place will never truly leave her alone. When a reporter shows up and asks her about Widowsfield, she first doesn’t want to cooperate. But as her crazy father shows up to tell her not to go back, she suddenly is determined to face the ghosts of her past. Together with her (ex) boyfriend, his friend and the reporter couple they decide to go back to Widowsfield to find out what is really going on. What happened on March 14th, at 3:14, all those 16 years ago? And who is The Skeleton Man?


314 might not be the next literary masterpiece, but it is definitely an entertaining read for those who enjoy the horror genre. It’s a quick read with a fast pace and a plot that’s not too complicated. The switching between the 1996 and 2012 scenes can be confusing in the beginning, but personally it didn’t bother me that much. Watching your alarm change to 3:14 will never be the same! As far as I know, you can still get the kindle version for free at Amazon in case you are interested…