Title: Lucky Day
(Jasper Dent #0.1)
Author: Barry Lyga
Genre: YA, Thriller, Horror
First published: April 1st 2014
Finished reading: July 24th 2015
Pages: 100
Rating 3,5

“But you know, sometimes the fight itself is worthwile, even if the prize at the end ain’t.”


I really loved the first two books in the Jasper Dent series, but I also don’t want the story to be over yet… I decided to read this prequel novella first. Lucky Day is the first and longest out of the four novellas available and quite interesting. It’s not as good as the actual series, but I guess that’s mostly because Jazz is such a key character and the focus in Lucky Day is on Sheriff G. William Tanner. We follow him as he tries to catch the killer of two local girls and you learn a bit more about his character. Billy makes his appearance and you get a better idea how he was able to fool everyone for so long. But it really shows that Barry Lyga hit the jackpot when he created Jazz as his main character; there is a spark missing in this novella that I Hunt Killers and Game do have. Still, it’s an interesting and quick read that will definitely entertain you.


Lobo’s Nod used to be a real quiet town, but that ended when a local girl went missing. Sheriff G. William Tanner is running for his last reelection and hasn’t been himself after the death of his wife, but he is still determined to find the girl. Then the impossible happens: a dead girl shows up, and it isn’t the missing girl. Tanner is now convinced they are both dead and that they are looking for a murderer that will probably kill again. And a killer that really knows Lobo’s Nod. But can it be really true that the murderer is among those Tanner already knows? The trail has gone cold, but Tanner doesn’t want to give up looking for the killer. Only luck can help him now…


This prequel novella is all about how Sheriff G. William Tanner was able to catch the infamous serial killer Billy Dent. It’s a quick and entertaining read, but it misses the spark that makes I Hunt Killers and Game so special. I guess that’s mostly because Jazz and his friends are not a part of this novella… Because the prose has the same quality as the actual series. Still, I would definitely recommend this read if you enjoyed the series! It doesn’t really contain spoilers, so it can be read either before or after reading I Hunt Killers.