BOOK REVIEW: Blood Of My Blood – by Barry Lyga


Title: Blood Of My Blood
(Jasper Dent #3)
Author: Barry Lyga
Genre: YA, Thriller, Horror
First published: September 9th 2014
Finished reading: August 7th 2015
Pages: 464
Rating 5

“He wasn’t just dead; he was severely dead. He was one of the deadest people Hughes had ever seen, and Hughes had seen quite a few.”


I think most people have realized by now how much I love the Jasper Dent series. The third and final book of the trilogy isn’t an exception. Game ended with a huge cliffhanger and therefore Blood Of My Blood has a fast pace from the beginning. Barry Lyga writes in a way that makes it almost impossible to stop reading and I literally finished this last book in less than 24 hours. The prose, characters, plot… Everything is simply brilliant. And I’m not even talking about the mayor plot twists in Blood Of My Blood! I won’t give away any spoilers, but there were many things I definitely didn’t see coming. The ending was satisfying; although I’m a bit sad I had to say goodbye to some of my newest favorite characters. This series is definitely recommended to those who appreciate a good thriller/horror read!


WARNING: do not read this summary if you haven’t read the first two books of this series yet! It will most likely contain spoilers, even though I’ve made sure to keep it short.

Jazz has been shot in New York while he was hunting the Dog/Hat killer and things are not looking good for him. They left him to die… His girlfriend Connie isn’t much better off in the hands of his serial killer father Billy, and his best friend is currently bleeding to death on the floor of Jazz’ home. Jazz is still determined to stop his murderous father, but how will he be able to get out of this mess? And what about his girlfriend and best friend? It looks like Jazz has more on his plate than he can handle this time…


Barry Lyga is easily one of my new favorite authors. I have loved every single book of the trilogy and in a way I’m a bit sad it’s over… The main character Jazz simply makes this series into something special. Action and horror are mixed with humor and form the perfect formula for an amazing YA thriller/horror read. I cannot repeat enough how much I loved reading I Hunt Killers, Game and Blood Of My Blood and I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading the genre. Warning: this series is highly addictive! 😀

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    • I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like this last book as much as the others! I think I Hunt Killers is still my favorite of the three… Although I agree with you that the ending was satisfying as well as the character development in general. 🙂

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