WWW Wednesdays #53 – August 19th

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I just started The Death Cure by James Dashner yesterday and I’m not too far into the story yet. I’m not sure what to think of it, but at least I will be closer to finishing one more series… I’m about halfway with Fairest by Marissa Meyer and I still stand by my comment that it’s not as good as the main series. Levana just isn’t a very likeable character! I made some progress with The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt before the read-a-thon started, but I’ve temporarily put it on hold until next Monday.



Wait a minute; I’ve read EIGHT books since last WWW?! I checked twice, but apparently I’ve been reading like a monster for the last seven days haha.
The first book I’ve read is Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas; such a great read and the ending seriously messed with my mind!
I’ve had some start up problems with The Wrath And The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh; it took me a while to get used to the many foreign names and characters but I enjoyed it afterwards.
I had no such luck with Landline by Rainbow Rowell: I love her YA fiction, but I was seriously disappointed by Landline.
I then finally picked up The Kings Of Cool by Don Winslow, a TBR jar pick I have been posponing for the last I-don’t-know-how-many weeks. It was actually really good and I regret now waiting so long!
I’ve also read The Knife Of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, a book that has been on my TBR for ages and I enjoyed it just as much as I’ve hoped. I really need to get a copy of the sequels soon though!
I continued with Rarity From The Hollow by Robert Eggleton, an ARC I ended up enjoying despite some problems I had with the plot, characters and prose.
I then read Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher, a quite short and entertaining read that ends with a very painful cliffhanger! I will have to read part two soon and cross my fingers it won’t have such a big cliffhanger as the first…
The last book I finished was The Martian by Andy Weir, by far one of the best reads so far this month. The main character, plot, prose… It really shows why this book was picked as one of the Goodreads Choice winners.



I will probably try to read The Kill Order by James Dashner so I can finish yet another series… Although it will probably depend on how much I enjoy The Death Cure. I’m also looking forward to both My Heart And Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga and The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. I guess it will depend on my mood which one I decide to read first. The last one on this list is my new TBR jar pick: The Geography Of You And Me by Jennifer E. Smith. I’m normally not a big fan of romance, but this title has been recommended to me various times so I will give it a try very soon.


33 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays #53 – August 19th

    • I’ve just finished it and I enjoyed it as well despite Levana. It’s interesting to read how she became the person in the main series and I can’t wait to learn more about Winter!


    • Haha I know! The Knife Of Never Letting Go was really good; I didn’t like some of the ‘slang’, but the rest of the story made up for it. I really need the sequel though because it ended in with a cliffhanger!

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      • I’ve heard that the trilogy has some really weird slang in it. So when I buy the book I should definitely buy the whole trilogy so I don’t have to stress about the cliff hanger?? Haha!

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      • Or at least the sequel to continue reading after the first… The slang is pretty weird yes; they say things like conversayshun, informayshun etc etc which gets really strange if there are too many on one page.

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      • Hahah! It took me like 3 turns of reading this over before I realised those words said conversation and information!! I can definitely see how that could be annoying! But I’m not going to let that stop me from not reading these books!

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      • I had the same problem when the first words started showing up! Literally every word ending in -ion is changed that way; I still don’t know why it would add something to the story. But it does get easier and the rest of the book makes up for it!

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    • I still can’t believe the number myself… But I guess the cold winter months are helping me to read a lot. 😉 The Martian is such a great read and I’m sure it will make a perfect book club read! I’ve heard similar things about The Girl On The Train, so I will definitely try to keep my expectations low on that one so I don’t end up being disappointed.

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  1. Firstly, and most importantly: yay! that you loved The Martian. It’s SO good. I’m going to be passing my copy around my family until they’ve all read it 😉
    After The Death Cure I couldn’t be bothered with The Kill Order! I didn’t think it would tell me anything else about the world of The Maze Runner I needed to know. I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with The Death Cure.
    I’m glad The Wrath and the Dawn picked up. I’m reading it next 🙂
    And from your post and review I’ve also learned that I should read Eleanor and Park as my next Rainbow Rowell and leave Landline until I’ve gone through the rest of the her YA back catalogue.

    Sorry… rambling! Here’s my WWW: http://clairehuston.wordpress.com/2015/08/19/www-wednesday-19th-august-2015/

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    • I will start recommending The Martian to everyone as well; it’s definitely a worthy Goodreads Choice winner and such a great read!
      I’m not too sure about The Death Cure yet; I’ve actually decided to read another book first haha.
      The Wrath And The Dawn was really hard to get into, but after about 100 pages I started to enjoy it a lot better. I’ve heard a lot of people having similar problems, so don’t give up if you don’t like it at first. I started over about three times before actually reading it. 😉
      Landline is definitely a disappointed, especially after Eleanor & Park and Fangirl. I’ve heard Attachments is a lot better than Landline as well…

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  2. Great post! I struggled after The Scorch Trials to get back into the series. I have The Death Cure by my bed and it might be the next book I try to read in my mini challenge. I can’t believe you read 8 books! Go you 😉 keeps me motivated! great books though. I just finished My Heart and Other Black Holes. It was great, I really loved it.

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    • To be honest, The Maze Runner series isn’t one of my favorites. But since I already have a copy of the whole series I will finish it anyway. 😉 I’m not sure about The Death Cure so far, hopefully it picks up later on! I’m reading My Heart And Other Black Holes first and I really like it so far.

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  3. You’ve read so many books since last week! 🙂 That’s pretty awesome!
    I think I’ll be reading The Knife of Never Letting Go and Never Never next.
    I am not enjoying The Wrath and the Dawn as much as I hoped I would.
    The Kill Order was one of my favorite books in the series.

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    • Haha I still can’t believe it myself I read eight books since last week! 😉 The Knife Of Never Letting Go is really good even though I had some small problems with it (mainly the ‘slang’). Never Never is good as well but it’s best either to wait until part three is published or read the first two together… The cliffhanger in the end is pretty bad. 😉 I’m still getting my thoughts organized on The Wrath… I liked the second part, but it took me a looong time to start enjoying it. And good to know you really enjoyed The Kill Order!


  4. Holy wow – that’s a lot of books! I am seriously jealous!! I’m really sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy Landline. That’s one of my favorite books, but I know it’s not for everyone. I’m glad The Wrath got better for you. I heard it has a cliffhanger end? If so, I’m going to have to put it off awhile. 🙂

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    • I still don’t know how I’ve read this many haha. I was really looking forward to Landline, but I just couldn’t enjoy it. Such a shame because I like the rest of her work so far! The Wrath does end with a cliffhanger so if you can wait it will probably be better… Especially since the sequel will recently published May next year. 😉

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  5. I felt very similarly about Fairest. I actually made a video about it that I still have to edit and post. Levana is intriguing, but really only because I love learning the back stories of villians. I felt bad for her but only up to a point.

    And wow! Props for reading so many books!

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    • I’ve finished Fairest since this post, and like you I enjoyed learning more about how she became the person she is in the main series. It’s probably by favorite novella of the bunch, but I still prefer the actual series…

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    • I got my copy of Landline based purely on the cover and the fact I loved Eleanor & Park and Fangirl… I won’t be doing that again. 😉 I’ve heard Attachments is a lot better though!


      • I’ve read Eleanor and Park and Fangirl too (I did end up buying the special collector’s edition of Fangirl I couldn’t say no) and I enjoyed them. I’ll probably look into attachments soon I’m just not super into her work. I had issues with both the books I’ve read by her. Nothing major but enough to give me pause.

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      • Hmm I would probably say that staying away from Landline would be the best for now then… I personally liked Fangirl the best and enjoyed Eleanor & Park, but Landline is nowhere close to that level.

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  6. Good job on reading 8 books. I’ve read 2 Rainbow Rowell books and really enjoyed them, but Landline never really appealed to me. My favorite of hers was probably Attachments and I’m hoping to get around to Fangirl, sometime soon.

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