Title: Anatomy Of A Misfit
Author: Andrea Portes
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance
First published: September 2nd 2014
Finished reading: August 23rd 2015
Pages: 336
Rating 2qqq

“But if I can keep my mind on these pages I don’t have to care. I can make this all just go away. Poof. I can stay in this book and then this book gets to be real and everything else gets to be fake and who cares anyway.”


I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about Anatomy Of A Misfit and that probably explains why I have been posponing this read for so long. I might suffer of a YA realistic fiction overdose, because I wasn’t impressed at all by this one. A love triangle that’s mostly annoying, main characters I couldn’t really care about, prose that felt too forced-funny most of the time… This novel by Andrea Portes just didn’t manage to convince me. It’s a typical high school drama where the mean queen Becky rules over her school, and half Romanian Anika does everything Becky asks for to stay popular. Even if that means rejecting the unpopular Logan who clearly seems interested in her… When Anika agrees to date bad boy Jared instead, it truly shows how superficial she is. In fact, it felt that all characters were mostly stereotypes and I couldn’t really connect to them. The pace is fast and the prose is easy to read, but I still wouldn’t recommend Anatomy Of A Misfit unless you enjoy these kind of stories.


Anika Dragomir looks like your typical blonde popular girl in school, but she doesn’t feel that way on the inside. Her father is Romanian, and people tend to say she has vampire DNA. Being friends with the most popular school and queen of mean Becky helps her keep her social position, but she knows that one mistake with Becky will turn her into a social pariah. So when Anika sees the newly improved loner Logan, she knows she has to stay away from him. But he looks hotter and more mysterious than ever… And Anika finds it hard to resist him. She has to keep their interactions a secret or Becky would make her life a living hell. And things are about to get more complicated as the bad boy everyone wants to be with, Jared, suddenly shows interest in her. What will she do and who will she choose?


I was looking forward to Anatomy Of A Misfit, but I ended up being mostly disappointed by it. The whole story just felt like a huge cliche; characters, love triangle and ending included. I can’t deny it’s quite a quick read, but I feel there are better books belonging to the same genre out there. Still, if you enjoy realistic fiction with a (cheesy) love triangle and typical high school scenes, you will probably end up enjoying this read.