Title: The Mind Readers
(Mind Readers #1)
Author: Lori Brighton
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Romance
First published: December 7th 2010
Finished reading: August 26th 2015
Pages: 226
Rating 3,5qqq

“If there was one thing I’d learned early on in life it was that normalcy, as we thought of it, didn’t exist.”


I was able to get a free Amazon kindle copy of The Mind Readers a few months back . I have been trying to read more freebies lately, because I have been neglecting them mostly so far. The Mind Readers turned out to be more than a pleasant surprise. This novel by Lori Brighton is a very entertaining and fast read even though I had some minor problems with the characters and plot. What do I mean with problems with the characters? Basically the fact that the main character Cameron decides to trust the complete stranger (Lewis) almost immediately and goes with him to a secret place full of other mind readers; for someone with her power she seems terribly naive and it gets annoying as the story goes on. I wasn’t completely convinced by the plot either; some of it just didn’t seem credible. That said, it was still entertaining enough for me to probably get a copy of the sequel some time in the future. Recommended if you enjoy reading YA paranormal romance stories.


Cameron has a secret she has been trying to hide for a long time: she can read minds. Her father died years ago and her mother dumped her to live with her grandmother. She is desperate to protect Cameron and makes sure Cameron hides her power to keep her safe. If she doesn’t, the people who are looking for Cameron will find and harm her… But as she meets the mysterous Lewis, Cameron is not so sure she can believe her grandmother anymore. It turns out they are not the only ones out there that can read minds… And Lewis is offering her a way to embrace her hidden talents and meet others like her. But is he really who he claims to be and what are is true intentions? Who can Cameron really trust?


The Mind Readers is a great choice if you are looking for something quick, easy and entertaining. It’s not exactly perfect and some parts lack credibility, but overall it’s quite enjoyable if you like the whole YA paranormal romance genre. This first book of the series is still available for free for Amazon kindle in case you are interested, and the rest of the series can be purchased cheaply as well.