Title: None Of The Above
Author: I.W. Gregorio
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Fiction
First published: April 7th 2015
Finished reading: September 5th 2015
Pages: 352
Rating 5qqq

“One day I would find my own place. I couldn’t run there, though, because it didn’t exist yet; I had to build it myself, out of forgiveness, truth, and terrifying gestures of friendship.”


A lot of people have been recommending None Of The Above over and over again ever since it first came out back in April. Now I have finally had the chance to read it, I will definitely join them and start recommending this novel as well. I.W. Gregorio wrote a story that should be read not only because it’s beautifully written but also because it’s one of the first stories (that I know of) that explains more about what it means to have been born intersex. None Of The Above tells the story of Kristin, a teenage girl who has just discovered that she was born intersex and slowly learns to accept and live with her condition. It’s a truly inspiring story and it really helped me understand the situation of those with a similar diagnosis better. The prose is beautiful, the characters are well developed and all in all it is a read I would recommend to anyone who enjoys reading the genre.


Kristin seems to be just another ordinary teenage girl with a perfect little life; voted homecoming queen, a champion hurdler with a full scholarship and very much in love with her boyfriend. As her first time with her boyfriend didn’t exactly goes as planned, she decides to visit a doctor to see if something is wrong. Kristin then finds out the truth about her symptoms: she was born intersex. Kirstin doesn’t really know how to process all this new information about her condition and when the entire school discovers her secret, things become a whole lot more complicated. People don’t know exactly what being intersex means and her condition is more than misunderstood. Kristin will have to learn to live with the reactions and accept her condition to move on…


I’m having a hard time to describe how much I enjoyed reading None Of The Above. It’s simply such a beautiful written story that shines a light on a very important topic. I can already say it is without doubt one of my favorite reads this year and I will be keeping an eye out for I.W. Gregorio‘s work in the future. More than recommended!