October 2015 TBR


I have WAY too many books waiting for me on my TBR shelf, so I have been making a monthly TBR during the last few months to help me decide. I was able to read 5 out of 8 books of my September TBR which is pretty good… I know I haven’t technically finished The Kill Order yet, but since I’ve already started it I’m counting it as read anyway. 😉


This month I have one ARC pending and I’ve picked ten other titles I would like to finish before the end of the month. Some are mystery/thriller reads to get in the mood for Halloween, others I need for challenges and a few of them just caught my eye as I was making this list. We’ll see if I actually end up reading them this month! 😉

>>> Find a complete list of the books of books owned and waiting to be read here and my full TBR list at Goodreads here <<<

# ARC #


  • Firebolt by Adrienne Woods (306 pages)

# TBR #


  • Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver (368 pages)
  • I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells (271 pages)
  • The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings (398 pages)
  • The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey (320 pages)
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (387 pages)


  • And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini (416 pages)
  • On The Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta (432 pages)
  • The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom (225 pages)
  • My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares (324 pages)
  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (896 pages)

Have you read any of these and/or do you recommend them?

BOOK REVIEW: The Tales Of Beedle The Bard – by J.K. Rowling


Title: The Tales Of Beedle The Bard
Author: J.K. Rowling
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Fiction, Short Stories
First published: December 4th 2008
Finished reading: September 11th 2015
Pages: 109
Rating 3,5qqq

“The heroes and heroines who triumph in his stories are not those with the most powerful magic, but rather those who demonstrate the most kindness, common sense and ingenuity.”


Those who follow my blog will know that the Harry Potter series was one of my favorite reads when I was growing up and I still love rereading them whenever I have the chance. I’ ve read some of the novellas as well, but somehow I’ve never read The Tales Of Beedle The Bard before. While it still shows that J.K. Rowling is behind the short stories, I didn’t think they were as good as the main series. Sure, they are entertaining enough and I enjoyed reading Dumbledore’s commentary, but they didn’t reach the same level as the actual books. If you are a Harry Potter fan and cannot get enough of the series, you will most likely enjoy this short and fast read though.


The Tales of Beedle the Bard is a collection of short fairy tales set in the wizard world of Harry Potter and his friends. The collection is famous among wizards and parents have been telling them to their children during centuries. Hermione Granger has newly translated them from the ancient runes and an extensive commentary by Albus Dumbledore has been added. “The Wizard and the Hopping Pot”, “The Fountain of Fair Fortune”, “The Warlock’s Hairy Heart”, “Babbitty Rabbitty and Her Cackling Stump” and the famous “The Tale of the Three Brothers”; they are all included in this collection.


The Tales Of Beedle The Bard is basically a collection of the wizard version of a few old fairy tales. Professor Dumbledore gives his commentary after each story, although it tells little new for those who have already finished the series. I understand why J.K. Rowling would have published this novella (millions and millions of us have probably bought it over the years), but I wish she would have written more fairy tales or given us more details of what happens to the main characters… Although that would probably never happen. Nevertheless if you enjoyed the Harry Potter series and don’t want to say goodbye to their magical world just yet, this might be an entertaining read for you.